Meaning of SHADE in English


I. noun


shade/shield your eyes (= protect them from a bright light or the sun )

They gazed out to sea, shielding their eyes from the sun.

window shade




The room was painted in a cool shade of dusty grey.

It was surprisingly cool in the shade .

Between the windows, in the cool shade , his uncle sat upright in a chair, asleep.

Gradually its polychrome walls converged upon us, and the foliage grew more lush in the cool shade .

South facing rooms which already appear to be warmer due to the extra light can more easily accommodate cooler shades such as pale blue.

She stayed in the sitting-room a lot, reading in the cool shade with the french windows to my garden thrown wide.


By and large, roses are for open situations and full sun, not dappled sunlight or shade .

But it does best in the dappled shade you get under shrubs or woodland trees.

Plant soft-leaved species, susceptible to sun-scorch, in dappled shade .

Slats close to the building will cast dappled shade , while the tree is drawn into the composition by the well-detailed pergola.

They like living in the dappled shade of taller trees.


Shamrock cup and saucer by Beleek Bestlite 31170 solid brass lamp base with dark green enamelled shade .

Suddenly the smooth water broke, and a porpoise arched out of it, a darker shade of gray.

Strong or dark shades are normally only found in nomadic and tribal rugs.

The pickpocket himself wore dark shades .

From day to day the dark shades of his shirts, ties, and high-buttoning suits subtly changed.

If a darker shade is required, knead more colour in.

Do wear darker shades to disguise the bits you'd rather hide and highlight good points with detail.

Wood can always be stained to a darker shade than its present state, but can not be lightened other than by bleaching.


A pendant fitting for use above a dining table should have a deep shade or one that is designed to avoid glare.

Mr Grange lurks like a big spider in the deep shade at the back of the produce stand beside the watermelons.

Few of us are blessed with ideal situations, often having to endure steep slopes, narrow alley-ways or deep shade .

Do they live in deep shade because it meets their requirements best or because they have been forced there through competition?

Clasen combined these blonde tones with deeper , warmer shades of camel or vicuna.

Take full shade a step further and you have what most of us would rather forget: dense or deep shade.

If you prefer silver, stick with bluish pinks and deeper shades .

In deep shade , there is a continual shadow.


It was not quite dark yet and the evening sky on the high tops was still aglow with delicate pastel shades .

The dark galaxy spiralled around her, each constellation pricked out in delicate shades of fragrance.


I could unquestionably get him several different shades of hairs from this house.

Her favorites are a pale cocoa-colored lamb and another whose coat is different shades of gray.

Eyes, hair, skin: all different shades of grey and white.

In the low lands, miles of rice fields stretched out like handwoven carpets in different shades of green.

Grated crayon added to paint produces interesting effects and can give different shades of colour.

But Dot saw plenty of coal heaped up beside the tracks in so many different shades of black.

One colour with white will give different shades of the one colour.

Colour the remaining fondant icing three different shades of green.


In the evening, when the sun mellowed and cast deep shadows, these ribs became stripes of light and shade .

The left distinguished only light and shade .

Flourishing in sun or light shade , this stachys makes good ground cover under roses.

Note that this refers to card subjects, so the light and shade effects found in a plant canopy will be absent.

It lacks light and shade , the conviction and theatrical intensity that drives words straight into people's hearts.

A simple pergola and screen provide light and shade .

Tous Les Matins Du Monde needs more light and shade .

Thick white clouds raced across the blue sky, casting a perpetual kaleidoscope of light and shade over the earth.


If you hair looks dull and uneven, brighten the colour with a semi permanent rinse close to your natural shade .

Temporary colorants are a good way to add warmth, richness and shine to your natural shade .

A few floating plants can be grown with this to provide natural shade .

In four natural shades it costs around £29.95 per metre.


Outside again she glanced up at the sky which was a pale shade of blue.

Lacy white curtains fluttered at open windows, and washable slipcovers in white or pale shades covered the upholstery.

Stick to very pale or clear shades .

In the window the Durex poster, the one with the motorbike, has faded to pale northern shades of sea.

When they feel especially daring, they might wear a paler shade of beige.

These consist of pale neutral shades of blue, green and brown with some definite greys included.

Use the colourings straight from the tube or bottle, or diluted for a paler shade .


Cool, refreshing pastel shades are just right for a long hot summer!

Look out, too, for a brand new baby quality called Bobtail in six pastel shades .

We went for the mid-tones and pastel shades .

The familiar tweed jackets appeared in fresh fruit pastel shades enlivened with a spattering of matched sequins.

It was not quite dark yet and the evening sky on the high tops was still aglow with delicate pastel shades .

Opt for ivory and pretty pastel shades and mix subtle patterns and textures together.

White &038; pastel shades , then stripes of all colours &038; widths.

This term is now commonly applied to a number of items, particularly from Anatolia, which have light pastel shades .


The right dress and shade of lipstick?

It was whipped out at every store she entered to ensure that the dress she loved was the right shade of red.

I feel most comfortable in a special dress which is just the right shade and style.

They work for just about everybody, given the right choice of shade .

Each pixel must be individually addressed by a voltage to give the right shade at the right moment.


Apply cream blusher in a soft terracotta shade , or powder first, then apply a powder blusher in glowing earthy tone.

The soft shade of coral was the perfect finishing touch.


As with the Hebrew prophets, there were no greys, no subtle shades .

No problem. Subtle shades continue to be in vogue.

For a natural glow to your skin mix a subtle shade of blusher with loose powder.

His ear is magnificent, capturing each subtle shade of accent and edge, each riff of language.

Luckily it had short sleeves, and she knew that the subtle shade of pale aquamarine suited her colouring.

The flowers are a subtle shade of pale green, rimmed in purple as the days go on.

Although most mosaics comprise three to six basic colours, a work of good quality will include many subtle shades .

There are no hidden depths or subtle shades here.


A large, empty room with high, narrow windows through which the bright day filtered slowly on to various shades of brown.

Even in his bluest period, Picasso blended enough colors to make various shades seem like an entire palette.

The old ones, too tight and all in various shades of grey and brown, had been discarded.



A broken toaster and sev-eral ripped window shades were crammed in near a cracked welding gun and a rotting fence post.



Elsbeth lay there in the shade , watching everything, saying nothing.

Wade lay back in the shade .

Everything in the sun was old gold; everything that lay in the shade was blue.

You work in the sun, you lie in the shade .


The room was painted in a cool shade of dusty grey.

Bamboo pieces also suit rooms painted white and in shades of green, browns and neutrals.

It was very still, with the landscape painted in shades of smoke.

Both the adobe exterior and the high ceilinged interior have been painted a particularly sunny shade .

The kitchen was done in thirty-year-old linoleum with cabinets painted an intense shade of pink.

Prepare your eye for the return of the dark, vampy mouth painted in deep shades of burgundy, violet and rose-brown.


Adobe have worked with Pantone to provide over 700 colour shades and combinations that are provided in a reference library on disk.

Soybeans could be a special case, however, because the plant provides its own shade as it grows.

A simple pergola and screen provide light and shade .

Reichardt is currently experimenting with free-range ducks, which are raised in an open field bordered by nearby trees to provide shade .

A few floating plants can be grown with this to provide natural shade .

Pines, too, provide filtered shade as sunlight flickers through the needles.

A few small plants will help provide shade and shelter for the animals, and food for some of them.

It provided them with shade on bright days, and a fixed point in the ocean.


He was persuaded to come round to the back of the house and sit in the shade .

Every now and then I sat in the shade of my camel, head between knees and dry retched.

She followed him into the field and they sat beneath the shade of a large oak tree.

Calm and untroubled, Richmann sat in the shade of a palm tree, and relaxed.

Let's go back and sit together in the shade , shall we?

Selma sits in the shade of her house, enjoying a day's holiday because her employers are away.

Ali went and sat in the shade .

And you could bet that the moment he'd left they'd sat down in the shade .


Gingko biloba is a deciduous conifer with beautifully shaped leaves which turn a rich shade of golden-yellow before falling.

They had once been white, he remembered, but now they had turned a curious shade of yellow.

The sky was turning several shades of blue as night gave way to day.

In the glow of the porch light, he saw her eyes turn that mesmerizing shade of periwinkle.

The grapes that hung over mine host's door were turning a dusky shade as the juice ripened in their skins.

Now that the sun had come out the ocean itself turned the most remarkable shade of blue.

The world turns a shade greyer.

The landscape turned two shades darker, richer, and the air in the car cooled off even more.


He always liked it when she wore a certain shade of lipstick, coral, not cherry.

The pickpocket himself wore dark shades .

Proud of his pink tie: I've worn a tie this shade for forty-five years.

When they feel especially daring, they might wear a paler shade of beige.

Now, it is permissible to wear all kinds of shades , according to your clothes as well as your personal colouring.

Do wear darker shades to disguise the bits you'd rather hide and highlight good points with detail.

The Freemans man wears pastels in up-to-date shades of blush pink, powder green and pale cream.


a cardboard sun shade for the car window

a plant that likes shade

In the fall, the woods are full of countless shades of brown, yellow and orange.

The room was decorated in pastel shades.

Valerie's eyes are a beautiful shade of blue.

When buying make-up, choose the right shade to match your skin.


All shades of political opinion on the committee worked well together elucidating the policies of the industries.

Bamboo shades and screens contribute a pleasing serenity to quiet spaces.

In ditches and damp springs, you may sometimes notice that the water is discoloured to a strong shade of orange.

It grows well in partial shade and reaches a height of about four feet.

Lincoln had actually become a shade unsure of Grant but continued to be impressed by his quiet, unremitting resolve.

On the mantelpiece there was a small lamp with a crimson shade and I switched it on.

Reduce prominent lids with a matte, sludgy shade of eyeshadow over the entire lid, blended away up to the brow.

Window shades were drawn against the afternoon sun and the light in the house had an amber cast.

II. verb




It must be the way the trees are shading out the sun.

Thus, three trees shading a house can cut air conditioning needs by up to 50 per cent.

Tamarisk trees shaded a narrow strip between the water and a line of shops and cafés.

Lined with trees , shaded by trees, how different this road might look.


a narrow road shaded by rows of trees

The shaded areas on the map represent national parks.


Finley was shading the lefty spray hitter toward left.

I use the pencils for techniques such as cross-hatching, contour and scribble drawing, shading and frottage.

One day, tired and hot from the chase, she came upon a crystal-clear river deeply shaded by silvery willows.

Sahara hats are popular -- white, Lawrence of Arabia headgear that shades the neck and cheeks.

Skelton had partnered Florida in the knockout event and just shaded Whitaker and Fonda in a thrilling dash to the finishing line.

We turned off the main street into a narrow, shaded alley.

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