Meaning of SHADE in English

n. & v.


1. comparative darkness (and usu. coolness) caused by shelter from direct light and heat.

2 a place or area sheltered from the sun.

3 a darker part of a picture etc.

4 a colour, esp. with regard to its depth or as distinguished from one nearly like it.

5 comparative obscurity.

6 a slight amount (am a shade better today).

7 a translucent cover for a lamp etc.

8 a screen excluding or moderating light.

9 an eye-shield.

10 (in pl.) esp. US colloq. sunglasses.

11 a slightly differing variety (all shades of opinion).

12 literary a a ghost. b (in pl.) Hades.

13 (in pl.; foll. by of) suggesting reminiscence or unfavourable comparison (shades of Dr Johnson!).


1. tr. screen from light.

2 tr. cover, moderate, or exclude the light of.

3 tr. darken, esp. with parallel pencil lines to represent shadow etc.

4 intr. & tr. (often foll. by away, off, into) pass or change by degrees.

Phrases and idioms:

in the shade in comparative obscurity.


shadeless adj.

Etymology: OE sc(e)adu f. Gmc

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