Meaning of OVER in English

adv., prep., n., & adj.

adv. expressing movement or position or state above or beyond something stated or implied: 1 outward and downward from a brink or from any erect position (knocked the man over). 2 so as to cover or touch a whole surface (paint it over). 3 so as to produce a fold, or reverse a position; with the effect of being upside down. 4 a across a street or other space (decided to cross over; came over from America). b for a visit etc. (invited them over last night). 5 with transference or change from one hand or part to another (went over to the enemy; swapped them over). 6 with motion above something; so as to pass across something (climb over; fly over; boil over). 7 from beginning to end with repetition or detailed concentration (think it over; did it six times over). 8 in excess; more than is right or required (left over). 9 for or until a later time (hold it over). 10 at an end; settled (the crisis is over; all is over between us). 11 (in full over to you) (as int.) (in radio conversations etc.) said to indicate that it is the other person's turn to speak. 12 (as int.) Cricket an umpire's call to change ends.

prep. 1 above, in, or to a position higher than; upon. 2 out and down from; down from the edge of (fell over the cliff). 3 so as to cover (a hat over his eyes). 4 above and across; so as to clear (flew over the North Pole; a bridge over the Thames). 5 concerning; engaged with; as a result of; while occupied with (laughed over a good joke; fell asleep over the newspaper). 6 a in superiority of; superior to; in charge of (a victory over the enemy; reign over three kingdoms). b in preference to. 7 divided by. 8 a throughout; covering the extent of (travelled over most of Africa; a blush spread over his face). b so as to deal with completely (went over the plans). 9 a for the duration of (stay over Saturday night). b at any point during the course of (I'll do it over the weekend). 10 beyond; more than (bids of over $50; are you over 18?). 11 transmitted by (heard it over the radio). 12 in comparison with (gained 20% over last year). 13 having recovered from (am now over my cold; will get over it in time).

n. Cricket 1 a sequence of balls (now usu. six), bowled from one end of the pitch. 2 play resulting from this (a maiden over).

adj. (see also OVER-). 1 upper, outer. 2 superior. 3 extra. begin (or start etc.) over US begin again. get it over with do or undergo something unpleasant etc. so as to be rid of it. give over (usu. as int.) colloq. stop talking. not over not very; not at all (not over friendly). over again once again, again from the beginning. over against in an opposite situation to; adjacent to, in contrast with. over-age over a certain age limit. over all taken as a whole. over and above in addition to; not to mention ($100 over and above the asking price). over and over so that the same thing or the same point comes up again and again (said it over and over; rolled it over and over). over the fence Austral. & NZ sl. unreasonable; unfair; indecent. over one's head see HEAD. over the hill see HILL. over the moon see MOON. over-the-top colloq. (esp. of behaviour, dress, etc.) outrageous, excessive. over the way (in a street etc.) facing or opposite.

[ OE ofer f. Gmc ]

Concise Oxford English dictionary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка.