Meaning of OVER in English


prep. 1 above, on, upon, on top of, atop (of) She spread a tarpaulin over the boat to protect it 2 more than, greater than, upwards or upward of, in excess of, (over and) above, (over and) beyond; exceeding Of the 2000 people questioned in our survey, over half said they think prunes are funny The thieves took over $50,000-worth of paintings. 3 across, to or from or on the other side of; beyond The children crossed over the river to play in the woods on the other side 4 for, during, in or over or during the course of, through, throughout Over the next week she will be working in the Paris office 5 (all) through, throughout, (all) about, all over We travelled over the entire country in the course of our holiday Have you gone over the manuscript I left with you?

adj. 6 done (with), finished, terminated, concluded, ended, past, settled, closed, at an end, over with I'm afraid it's all over between us, Carrie

adv. 7 to, onto, past, beyond, across This room looks out over the sea 8 remaining, as a remainder, as surplus, outstanding When we finished eating, there wasn't much left over 9 (once) again, once more, one more time This pot will have to be cleaned over again 10 down, to the ground or floor You almost knocked over the lamp

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