Meaning of TURN in English


n. 25B6; verb

the wheels were still turning : GO ROUND, revolve, rotate, spin, roll, circle, wheel, whirl, gyrate, swivel, pivot.

I turned and headed back : CHANGE DIRECTION, change course, make a U-turn, turn about/round, wheel round.

the car turned the corner : GO ROUND, round, negotiate, take.

the path turned to right and left : BEND, curve, wind, twist, meander, snake, zigzag.

he turned his pistol on Liam : AIM AT, point at, level at, direct at, train on.

he turned his ankle : SPRAIN, twist, wrench; hurt.

their honeymoon turned into a nightmare : BECOME, develop into, turn out to be; be transformed into, metamorphose into.

Emma turned red : BECOME, go, grow, get.

he turned the house into flats : CONVERT, change, transform, make; adapt, modify, rebuild, reconstruct.

I've just turned forty : REACH, get to, become; informal hit.

the milk had turned : (GO) SOUR, go off, curdle, become rancid, go bad, spoil.

he turned to politics : TAKE UP, become involved in, go in for, enter, undertake.

we can now turn to another topic : MOVE ON TO, go on to, consider, attend to, address; take up.

she turned a somersault : PERFORM, execute, do, carry out.

an object turned on a lathe : FASHION, make, shape, form.

25B6; noun

a turn of the wheel : ROTATION, revolution, spin, whirl, gyration, swivel.

a turn to the left : CHANGE OF DIRECTION, veer, divergence.

we're approaching the turn : BEND, corner, dog-leg; turning, junction, crossroads; N. Amer. turnout; Brit. hairpin bend.

you'll get your turn in a minute : OPPORTUNITY, chance, say; stint, time; try; informal go, shot, stab, crack.

a comic turn : ACT, routine, performance, number, piece.

a turn around the garden : STROLL, walk, saunter, amble, wander, airing, promenade; outing, excursion, jaunt; informal mosey, tootle, spin; Brit. informal pootle.

you gave me quite a turn! : SHOCK, start, surprise, jolt; fright, scare.

she did me some good turns : SERVICE, deed, act; favour, kindness; disservice, wrong.

25A0; at every turn REPEATEDLY, recurrently, all the time, always, constantly, again and again.

25A0; in turn ONE AFTER THE OTHER, one by one, one at a time, in succession, successively, sequentially.

25A0; take a turn for the better IMPROVE, pick up, look up, perk up, rally, turn the corner; recover, revive.

25A0; take a turn for the worse DETERIORATE, worsen, decline, go downhill.

25A0; to a turn PERFECTLY, just right, to perfection; informal to a T.

25A0; turn of events DEVELOPMENT, incident, occurrence, happening, circumstance.

25A0; turn against someone BECOME HOSTILE TO, take a dislike to.

25A0; turn someone away SEND AWAY, reject, rebuff, repel, cold-shoulder; informal send packing.

25A0; turn back RETRACE ONE'S STEPS, go back, return; retreat.

25A0; turn someone/something down

his novel was turned down : REJECT, spurn, rebuff, refuse, decline; Brit. informal knock back.

Pete turned the sound down : REDUCE, lower, decrease, lessen; muffle, mute.

25A0; turn in (informal) GO TO BED, retire, call it a day; informal hit the hay, hit the sack.

25A0; turn someone in BETRAY, inform on, denounce, sell out, stab someone in the back; informal split on, blow the whistle on, rat on, peach on, squeal on; Brit. informal grass on, shop; N. Amer. informal finger; Austral./NZ informal dob on.

25A0; turn something in

your documents must be turned in : HAND IN/OVER, give in, submit, surrender, give up; deliver, return.

he turned in a score of 199 : ACHIEVE, attain, reach, make; notch up, chalk up, rack up, record.

25A0; turn of mind DISPOSITION, inclination, tendency, propensity, bias, bent.

25A0; turn off they turned off the road : LEAVE, branch off; informal take a left/right; N. Amer. informal hang a left/right.

25A0; turn someone off (informal) PUT OFF, leave cold, repel, disgust, revolt, offend; disenchant, alienate; bore; N. Amer. informal gross out.

25A0; turn something off SWITCH OFF, shut off, put off, extinguish, deactivate; informal kill, cut.

25A0; turn on the decision turned on the law : DEPEND ON, rest on, hinge on, be contingent on, be decided by.

25A0; turn someone on (informal) . See arouse sense 3.

25A0; turn something on SWITCH ON, put on, start up, activate, trip.

25A0; turn on someone ATTACK, set on, fall on, let fly at, lash out at, hit out at, round on; informal lay into, tear into, let someone have it, bite someone's head off, jump down someone's throat; Brit. informal have a go at; N. Amer. informal light into.

25A0; turn out

a huge crowd turned out : COME, be present, attend, appear, turn up, arrive; assemble, gather; informal show up.

it turned out that she had been abroad : TRANSPIRE, emerge, come to light, become apparent.

things didn't turn out as I'd intended : HAPPEN, occur, come about; develop, work out, come out, end up; informal pan out; formal eventuate.

25A0; turn someone out THROW OUT, eject, evict, expel, oust, drum out, banish; informal kick out, send packing, boot out, show someone the door, turf out.

25A0; turn something out

turn out the light. : See turn something off .

they turn out a million engines a year : PRODUCE, make, manufacture, fabricate, put out, churn out.

she turned out the cupboards : CLEAR OUT, clean out, empty (out).

25A0; turn over OVERTURN, upturn, capsize, keel over, turn turtle, be upended.

25A0; turn something over

I turned over a few pages : FLIP OVER, flick through, leaf through.

she turned the proposal over in her mind : THINK ABOUT/OVER, consider, weigh up, ponder, contemplate, reflect on, chew over, mull over, muse on, ruminate on.

he turned over the business to his brother : TRANSFER, hand over, pass on, consign, commit.

25A0; turn of phrase EXPRESSION, idiom, phrase, term, word.

25A0; turn someone's stomach NAUSEATE, sicken, make someone's gorge rise.

25A0; turn to someone/something SEEK HELP FROM, have recourse to, approach, apply to, appeal to; take to, resort to.

25A0; turn up

the missing documents turned up : BE FOUND, be discovered, be located, reappear.

the police turned up : ARRIVE, appear, present oneself; informal show (up), show one's face.

something better will turn up : PRESENT ITSELF, occur, happen, crop up.

25A0; turn something up

she turned up the volume : INCREASE, raise, amplify, intensify.

they turned up lots of information : DISCOVER, uncover, unearth, find, dig up, ferret out, root out, expose.

I turned up the hem : TAKE UP, raise; shorten.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.