Meaning of TURN in English


[turn] vb [ME; partly fr. OE tyrnan & turnian to turn, fr. ML tornare, fr. L, to turn on a lathe, fr. tornus lathe, fr. Gk tornos; partly fr. OF torner, tourner to turn, fr. ML tornare; akin to L terere to rub--more at throw] vt (bef. 12c) 1 a: to cause to move around an axis or a center: make rotate or revolve "~ a wheel" "~ a crank" b (1): to cause to move around so as to effect a desired end (as of locking, opening, or shutting) "~ed the knob till the door opened" (2): to affect or alter the functioning of (as a mechanical device) by such movement "~ed the oven to a higher temperature" c: to execute or perform by rotating or revolving "~ handsprings" d: to twist out of line or shape: wrench "had ~ed his ankle"

2. a (1): to cause to change position by moving through an arc of a circle "~ed her chair to the fire" (2): to cause to move around a center so as to show another side of "~ the page" (3): to cause (as a scale) to move so as to register weight b: to revolve mentally: think over: ponder 3 a: to reverse the sides or surfaces of: invert "~ pancakes" "~ the shirt inside out": as (1): to dig or plow so as to bring the lower soil to the surface (2): to make (as a garment) over by reversing the material and resewing "~ a collar" (3): to invert feet up and face down (as a character, rule, or slug) in setting type b: to reverse or upset the order or disposition of "everything was ~ed topsy-turvy" c: to disturb or upset the mental balance of: derange, unsettle "a mind ~ed by grief" d: to set in another esp. contrary direction

4. a: to bend or change the course of: divert b: to cause to retreat "used fire hoses to ~ the mob" c: to alter the drift, tendency, or expected result of d: to bend a course around or about: round "~ed the corner at full speed"

5. a (1): to direct or point (as the face) in a specified way or direction (2): to present by a change in direction or position "~ing his back to his guests" b: to bring to bear (as by aiming, pointing, or focusing): train "~ed the light into the dark doorway" "~ed a questioning eye toward her" c: to direct (as the attention or mind) toward or away from something d: to direct the employment of: apply, devote "~ed his skills to the service of mankind" e (1): to cause to rebound or recoil "~s their argument against them" (2): to make antagonistic: prejudice "~ a child against its mother" f (1): to cause to go in a particular direction "~ed our steps homeward" (2): drive, send "~ cows to pasture" "~ing hunters off his land" (3): to convey or direct into or out of a receptacle adj -- turn a blind eye : to refuse to see: be oblivious "might turn a blind eye to the use of violence --Arthur Krock" -- turn a deaf ear : to refuse to listen -- turn a hair : to give a sign of distress or disturbance "did not turn a hair when told of the savage murder --Times Lit. Supp." -- turn color 1: to become of a different color

2. a: blush, flush b: to grow pale -- turn loose 1 a: to set free "turned loose the captured animal" b: to free from all restraints "turned them loose with a pile of theme paper to write whatever they liked --Elizabeth P. Schafer"

2: to fire off: discharge

3: to open fire -- turn one's back on 1: reject, deny "would be turning one's back on history --Pius Walsh"

2: forsake "turned his back on his obligations" -- turn one's hand or turn a hand : to set to work: apply oneself -- turn one's head : to cause to become infatuated or conceited "success had not turned his head" -- turn one's stomach : to disgust completely: sicken, nauseate "the foul smell turned his stomach" -- turn tail : to turn away so as to flee "turned tail and ran" -- turn the other cheek : to respond to injury or unkindness with patience: forgo retaliation -- turn the tables : to bring about a reversal of the relative conditions or fortunes of two contending parties -- turn the trick : to bring about the desired result or effect -- turn turtle : capsize, overturn

[2]turn n [ME; partly fr. OF tourn, tour lathe, circuit, turn (partly fr. L tornus lathe; partly fr. OF torner, tourner to turn); partly fr. ME turnen to turn] (13c) 1 a: the action or an act of turning about a center or axis: revolution, rotation b: any of various rotating or pivoting movements in dancing or gymnastics

2. a: the action or an act of giving or taking a different direction: change of course or posture "illegal left ~": as (1): a drill maneuver in which troops in mass formation change direction without preserving alignment (2): any of various shifts of direction in skiing (3): an interruption of a curve in figure skating b: deflection, deviation c: the action or an act of turning so as to face in the opposite direction: reversal of posture or course "an about ~" "~ of the tide" d: a change effected by turning over to another side "~ of the cards" e: a place at which something turns, turns off, or turns back: bend, curve

3: a short trip out and back or round about "took a ~ through the park"

4: an act or deed affecting another esp. when incidental or unexpected "one good ~ deserves another"

5. a: a period of action or activity: go, spell b: a place, time, or opportunity accorded an individual or unit of a series in simple succession or in a scheduled order "waiting her ~ in line" c: a period or tour of duty: shift d: a short act or piece (as for a variety show); also: performance 3 e (1): an event in any gambling game after which bets are settled (2): the order of the last three cards in faro--used in the phrase call the turn

6: something that revolves around a center: as a (1): lathe (2): a catch or latch for a cupboard or cabinet door operated by turning a handle b: a musical ornament consisting of a group of four or more notes that wind about the principal note by including the notes next above and next below 7: a special purpose or requirement--used chiefly in the phrase serve one's turn

8. a: an act of changing: alteration, modification "a nasty ~ in the weather" b: a change in tendency, trend, or drift "hoped for a ~ in his luck" "a ~ for the better" c: the beginning of a new period of time "the ~ of the century"

9. a: distinctive quality or character b (1): a skillful fashioning of language or arrangement of words (2): a particular form of expression or peculiarity of phrasing c: the shape or mold in which something is fashioned: cast

10. a: the state or manner of being coiled or twisted b: a single round (as of rope passed about an object or of wire wound on a core) 11: natural or special ability or aptitude: : on every occasion: continually "they opposed her at every turn" -- by turns 1: one after another in regular succession

2: variously, alternately "a book that is by turns pedantic, delightful, and infuriating" -- in turn : in due order of succession -- on the turn : at the point of turning "tide is on the turn" -- out of turn 1: not in due order of succession "play out of turn"

2: at a wrong time or place and usu. imprudently "talking out of turn" -- to a turn : to perfection

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