Meaning of NAME in English

■ noun

1》 a word or set of words by which someone or something is known, addressed, or referred to.

2》 a famous person.

↘a reputation, especially a good one.

3》 (in the UK) an insurance underwriter belonging to a Lloyd's syndicate.

■ verb

1》 give a ~ to.

↘identify or mention by ~.

↘( ~ someone/thing after or N. Amer. also for ) call someone or something by the same ~ as.

↘ Brit. (of the Speaker) mention (an MP) by ~ as disobedient to the chair and thereby subject to a ban from the House of Commons.

2》 specify (a sum, time, or place).

■ adjective (of a person or product) having a well-known ~.


by (or of ) the ~ of called.

call someone ~s insult someone verbally.

have to one's ~ [often with negative ] in one's possession.

in all but ~ existing in a particular state but not formally recognized as such.

in someone's ~

1》 formally registered as belonging to or reserved for someone.

2》 on behalf of someone.

in the ~ of for the sake of.

make a ~ for oneself become famous.

~ the day arrange the date for a specific occasion, especially a wedding.

~ ~s mention specific ~s, especially in accusation.

the ~ of the game informal the main purpose or most important aspect of a situation.


~able adjective


OE nama , noma (n.), (ge)namian (v.), of Gmc origin.

Concise Oxford English vocab.      Сжатый оксфордский словарь английского языка.