Meaning of NAME in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ neɪm ]

n. & v. --n. 1 a the word by which an individual person, animal, place, or thing is known, spoken of, etc. (mentioned him by name; her name is Joanna). b all who go under one name; a family, clan, or people in terms of its name (the Scottish name). 2 a a usu. abusive term used of a person etc. (called him names). b a word denoting an object or esp. a class of objects, ideas, etc. (what is the name of that kind of vase?; that sort of behaviour has no name). 3 a famous person (many great names were there). 4 a reputation, esp. a good one (has a name for honesty; their name is guarantee enough). 5 something existing only nominally (opp. FACT, REALITY). 6 (attrib.) widely known (a name brand of shampoo). 1 give a usu. specified name to (named the dog Spot). 2 call (a person or thing) by the right name (named the man in the photograph). 3 mention; specify; cite (named his requirements). 4 nominate; appoint, etc. (was named the new chairman). 5 specify as something desired (named it as her dearest wish). 6 Brit. Parl. (of the Speaker) mention (an MP) as disobedient to the chair. øby name called (Tom by name). have to one's name possess. in all but name virtually. in name (or name only) as a mere formality; hardly at all (is the leader in name only). in a person's name = in the name of. in the name of calling to witness; invoking (in the name of goodness). in one's own name independently; without authority. make a name for oneself become famous. name after (US for) call (a person) by the name of (a specified person) (named him after his uncle Roger). name-calling abusive language. name-child (usu. foll. by of) one named after another person. name-day 1 the feast-day of a saint after whom a person is named. 2 Brit. = ticket-day. name the day arrange a date (esp. of a woman fixing the date for her wedding). name-drop (-dropped, -dropping) indulge in name-dropping. name-dropper a person who name-drops. name-dropping the familiar mention of famous people as a form of boasting. name names mention specific names, esp. in accusation. name of the game colloq. the purpose or essence of an action etc. name-part the title role in a play etc. name-plate a plate or panel bearing the name of an occupant of a room etc. name-tape a tape fixed to a garment etc. and bearing the name of the owner. of (or by) the name of called. put one's name down for 1 apply for. 2 promise to subscribe (a sum). what's in a name? names are arbitrary labels. you name it colloq. no matter what; whatever you like. øønameable adj. [OE nama, noma, (ge)namian f. Gmc, rel. to L nomen, Gk onoma]

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