Meaning of CLIP in English


v. & n. (clipped, clipping) 1 cut with shears or scissors, esp. cut short or trim (hair, wool, etc.). 2 trim or remove the hair or wool of (a person or animal). 3 colloq. hit smartly. 4 a omit (a letter etc.) from a word. b omit letters or syllables of (words pronounced). 5 Brit. remove a small piece of (a ticket) to show that it has been used. 6 cut (an extract) from a newspaper etc. 7 sl. swindle, rob. 8 pare the edge of (a coin). --n. 1 an act of clipping, esp. shearing or hair-cutting. 2 colloq. a smart blow, esp. with the hand. 3 a short sequence from a motion picture. 4 the quantity of wool clipped from a sheep, flock, etc. 5 colloq. speed, esp. rapid. øclip-joint sl. a club etc. charging exorbitant prices. clip a person's wings prevent a person from pursuing ambitions or acting effectively. øøclippable adj. [ME f. ON klippa, prob. imit.]

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