Meaning of CLIP in English



Function: verb

Inflected Form: clipped ; clip · ping

Etymology: Middle English clippen, from Old Norse klippa

Date: 13th century

transitive verb

1 a : to cut or cut off with or as if with shears < clip a dog's hair> < clip an hour off traveling time> b : to cut off the distal or outer part of c (1) : 3 EXCISE (2) : to cut items out of (as a newspaper)

2 a : CURTAIL , DIMINISH b : to abbreviate in speech or writing

3 : HIT , PUNCH especially : to strike in passing <the car skidded off the road and clipped a lamppost>

4 : to illegally block (an opposing player) in football

5 : to take money from unfairly or dishonestly especially by overcharging <the nightclub clipped the tourist for $200>

intransitive verb

1 : to clip something

2 : to travel or pass rapidly

3 : to clip an opposing player in football

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