Meaning of CLIP in English


clip 1

— clippable , adj.

/klip/ , v. , clipped, clipped or clipt, clipping , n.


1. to cut, or cut off or out, as with shears: to clip a rose from a bush.

2. to trim by cutting: to clip a hedge.

3. to cut or trim the hair or fleece of; shear: to clip a poodle.

4. to pare the edge of (a coin). Cf. sweat (def. 22).

5. to cut short; curtail: We clipped our visit by a week to return home earlier.

6. to pronounce rapidly, with precise articulation and with omission of certain sounds, as of unstressed vowels: an annoying habit of clipping his words.

7. to shorten (a word or phrase) by dropping one or more syllables.

8. Informal. to hit with a quick, sharp blow: He clipped him on the jaw with a sudden punch.

9. Slang. to take or get money from by dishonest means; swindle; rook.


10. to clip or cut something.

11. to cut articles or pictures from a newspaper, magazine, etc.

12. to move swiftly: He clipped along the highway on his motorcycle.

13. Archaic. to fly rapidly.


14. the act of clipping.

15. anything clipped off, esp. the wool shorn at a single shearing of sheep.

16. the amount of wool shorn in one season.

17. clips , ( used with a pl. v. ) an instrument for clipping; shears.

18. See film clip .

19. Informal. clipping (def. 2).

20. Informal. a quick, sharp blow: a clip on the jaw.

21. rate; pace: at a rapid clip.

[ 1150-1200; ME clippen klippa to clip, cut ]

clip 2

/klip/ , n. , v. , clipped, clipping .


1. a device that grips and holds tightly.

2. a metal or plastic clasp for holding together papers, letters, etc.

3. See cartridge clip .

4. an article of jewelry or other decoration clipped onto clothing, shoes, hats, etc.

5. a flange on the upper surface of a horseshoe.

6. Also called lug . Shipbuilding. a short length of angle iron connecting and maintaining the angle between two members or surfaces.

7. Archaic. an embrace.

v.t. , v.i.

8. to grip tightly; fasten with or as if with a clip.

9. to encircle; encompass.

10. Football. to block by illegally throwing the body across a player's legs from behind.

11. Archaic. to embrace or hug.

[ bef. 900; ME clippen, OE clyppan to embrace, surround; c. OFris kleppa ]

Random House Webster's Unabridged English dictionary.      Полный английский словарь Вебстер - Random House .