Meaning of CLIP in English


I. ˈklip verb

( clipped ; clipped ; clipping ; clips )

Etymology: Middle English clippen, from Old English clyppan; akin to Old High German klāftra fathom, Old Norse klafi yoke, Latin galla gall on a tree, gleba clod, globus globe, Lith. globti to embrace — more at gall

transitive verb


a. now dialect Britain : embrace , hug

b. : to encircle closely : encompass

a belt clipped her waist


a. : to hold in a tight grip : clutch

b. : to clasp or fasten with a clip

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English clipp, from clippen to clip (embrace)

: any of a number of devices which grip, clasp, or hook or with which one grips, clasps, or hooks: as

a. : grappling iron

b. : an encircling often metal strap for connecting parts (as the metal strap of a whiffletree)

c. : the upward projection at the extreme front or at the side of a horseshoe over the margin of the hoof

d. : a holder or container (as for letters, bills, or music) consisting wholly or partly of a metal spring clamp

e. : a device to hold cartridges for charging the magazines of some rifles ; also : a magazine from which ammunition is fed into the chamber of a firearm

f. : a device for confining the bottom of a trouser leg used especially when riding a bicycle without a chain guard

g. : a device used to arrest bleeding from vessels or tissues during operations

h. : a wire resembling and applied like a staple and used to hold together wound margins or tissues or structures separated or opened during operations

i. : a metal device to connect up angle and T irons to rolled beams without drilling or bolting

j. : a clamplike wire or cable terminal for temporary electrical connections

k. : a piece of jewelry (as a pin or an earring) that is held in position by a spring clip

III. verb

( clipped ; clipped also clipt ; clipping ; clips )

Etymology: Middle English clippen, from Old Norse klippa

transitive verb


a. : to cut or cut off with or as if with shears

clip a string in two

clip the wool of a sheep

clip her hair close

clip an hour off traveling time

b. : to cut off the margins, ends, or a small portion of : pare , trim

clip rosebushes

clip a coin

clip a bird's wings

: cut or snip off a part of the hair or surface growth of : shear

clip a sheep

: mow

clip a lawn


(1) : excise

clip imperfect passages from the recording

(2) : to cut items out of (as a newspaper)

clipped a week's papers

(3) : to cut out of especially a publication

d. of a radio or television circuit : reject

clip the instantaneous signals above or below a predetermined amplitude or frequency


a. : curtail , diminish

clipping his power or authority

worked to clip the senator's influence

b. : to abbreviate (as a word or a customary sequence of sounds) in speech or writing in some way (as ad for advertisement, ˈnesəsri for ˈnesəˌseri)

the clipped “n'kyou” of the bus conductors and the ticket collectors — Richard Joseph

clipped dialogue — D.M.Friedenberg

to most unsophisticated users of the language “a short circuit” has nothing to do with either “short” or “circuit” (except insofar as the phrase itself has been clipped to a “a short”) — D.L.Bolinger

c. : reduce

appliance stores … were clipping prices for people with ready cash — Newsweek

the company clipped his wages two dollars a week


a. slang : to hit especially with a short sharp blow

clipped him with a left hook — Ernest Hemingway

both got clipped by drunk drivers — Pasadena (Calif.) Independent

b. : to block (an opposing football player other than the ballcarrier) illegally by hitting with the body from behind

4. : to take money from unfairly or dishonestly especially by charging exorbitant prices or by deception

the nightclub clipped the diner for $23

clip a patient by excessive charges for surgery

5. : to touch or go very close to especially in moving past

the bearings should just clip the shaft — John Southward

clip the edge of the cliff as closely as possible — F.W.Booth

intransitive verb

1. : to clip something

remove a portion of it by clipping

the record was made by a good deal of clipping


a. archaic : to move the wings swiftly : fly swiftly

some falcon … clips it down the wind — John Dryden

b. : to travel or pass rapidly

a rock clipped through the air — Max Steele

the half hour clipped along with pace and movement — Goodman Ace

3. : to block an opposing football player from behind

- clip one's wings

IV. noun

( -s )


a. clips plural , Scotland : shears

b. : a 2-bladed instrument for cutting especially the nails

a wire clip

2. : something that is clipped: as

a. : a clipping especially from a newspaper

b. : the product of a single shearing (as of sheep)

c. : a season's crop of wool of a sheep, a flock, or a region

d. : a section of filmed material (as a stock shot or a portion of a newsreel) ; especially : a fragment of film deleted during the editing of a motion picture

3. : an act of clipping : cutting , shearing

4. : a sharp blow especially with the fist

hit someone a clip on the jaw

5. : a rapid gait or pace

the train was snaking along at a brisk clip — Robert Shaplen

6. : time : a single instance or occasion

he charged $10 a clip

— often used in the phrase at a clip

to train 1000 workers at a clip

Webster's New International English Dictionary.      Новый международный словарь английского языка Webster.