Meaning of SINK in English

[sink] vb sank or sunk ; sunk ; [ME, fr. OE sincan; akin to OHG sinkan to sink] vi (bef. 12c) 1 a: to go to the bottom: submerge b: to become partly buried (as in mud) c: to become engulfed

2. a (1): to fall or drop to a lower place or level (2): to flow at a lower depth or level (3): to burn with lower intensity (4): to fall to a lower pitch or volume "his voice sank to a whisper" b: to subside gradually: settle c: to disappear from view d: to slope gradually: dip 3 a: to soak or become absorbed: penetrate b: to become impressively known or felt "the lesson had sunk in"

4: to become deeply absorbed "sank into reverie"

5. a: to go downward in quality, state, or condition b: to grow less in amount or worth

6. a: to fall or drop slowly for lack of strength b: to become depressed c: to fail in health or strength ~ vt 1 a: to cause to sink "~ a battleship" b: to force down esp. below the earth's surface c: to cause (something) to penetrate

2: to engage deeply the attention of: immerse 3 a: to dig or bore (a well or shaft) in the earth: excavate b: to form by cutting or excising "~ words in stone"

4: to cast down or bring to a low condition or state: overwhelm, defeat

5: to lower in standing or reputation: abase

6. a: to lessen in value or amount b: to lower or soften (the voice) in speaking 7: restrain, suppress "~s her pride and approaches the despised neighbor --Richard Harrison" 8: to pay off (as a debt): liquidate 9: invest 10: drop 7c "~ a putt" -- adj

[2]sink n (15c) 1 a: a pool or pit for the deposit of waste or sewage: cesspool b: a ditch or tunnel for carrying off sewage: sewer c: a stationary basin connected with a drain and usu. a water supply for washing and drainage

2: a place where vice, corruption, or evil collects

3: sump 3

4. a: a depression in the land surface; esp: one having a saline lake with no outlet b: sinkhole

5: a body or process that acts as a storage device or disposal mechanism: as a: heat sink; broadly: a device that collects or dissipates energy (as radiation) b: a reactant with or absorber of a substance

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