Meaning of SINK in English

v. 1 founder, submerge, go down, go under, plunge, descend, be engulfed The ship was struck below the water-line and sank in minutes 2 subside, cave in, collapse, subside, settle, drop, fall in, go down, slip away The earth suddenly sank beneath our feet 3 descend, go down, drop, fall, move down or downward(s), go down to or on The parachute slowly sank to the ground When he saw the statue move, he sank to his knees, terrified. 4 decline, weaken, worsen, degenerate, subside, deteriorate, flag, fail, diminish, die, expire; languish; Colloq go downhill Grandfather, sinking fast, summoned the family to his bedside 5 disappear, vanish, fade away, evaporate; set, go down, descend, drop After a meteoric rise, many rock stars sink into oblivion As the sun sank slowly in the west, we returned to our hotel to reminisce about our day at the pyramids. 6 settle, precipitate, descend, drop After a few minutes, the sand sinks to the bottom 7 bore, put down, drill, dig, excavate, drive A special shaft will be sunk just for ventilating the mine 8 submerge, immerse, plunge He sank his hand deep into the mud and came up with a small box 9 stoop, bend, get, go, lower or humble oneself I never dreamt that he would sink so low as to beg in the streets 10 invest, venture, risk, put He sank his life's savings into his son's business, only to see it go bankrupt 11 sink in. be understood, penetrate, register, make an impression on, get through to How many times do I have to tell you in order for it to sink in?

n. 12 basin, wash-basin, wash-bowl, lavabo; Church font, stoup, piscina The kitchen has a large double sink 13 cesspool, cesspit, pit, hell-hole, den of iniquity, sink-hole, Colloq dive We found him playing piano in some sink frequented by the worst element of society

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