Meaning of STRAIGHT in English


[straight] adj [ME streght, straight, fr. pp. of strecchen to stretch--more at stretch] (14c) 1 a: free from curves, bends, angles, or irregularities "~ hair" "~ timber" b: generated by a point moving continuously in the same direction and expressed by a linear equation "a ~ line" "the ~ segment of a curve"

2. a: lying along or holding to a direct or proper course or method "a ~ thinker" b: candid, frank "a ~ answer" c: coming directly from a trustworthy source "a ~ tip on the horses" d (1): having the elements in an order "the ~ sequence of events" (2): consecutive "12 ~ days" e: having the cylinders arranged in a single straight line "a ~ 8-cylinder engine" f: plumb, vertical "the picture isn't quite ~" 3 a: exhibiting honesty and fairness "~ dealing" b: properly ordered or arranged "set the kitchen ~" "set us ~ on that issue"; also: correct "get the facts ~" c: free from extraneous matter: unmixed "~ whiskey" d: marked by no exceptions or deviations in support of a principle or party "votes a ~ Democratic ticket" e: having a fixed price for each regardless of the number sold f: not deviating from an indicated pattern "writes ~ humor" "a straight-A student" g (1): exhibiting no deviation from what is established or accepted as usual, normal, or proper: conventional; also: square 5f (2): not using or under the influence of drugs or alcohol h: heterosexual

4: being the only form of remuneration "on ~ commission" -- straight.ish adj -- adv -- straight.ness n

[2]straight adv (14c): in a straight manner [3]straight vt (15c) chiefly Scot: straighten [4]straight n (1645) 1: something that is straight: as a: a straight line or arrangement b: straightaway; esp: homestretch c: a true or honest report or course

2. a: a sequence (as of shots, strokes, or moves) resulting in a perfect score in a game or contest b: first place at the finish of a horse race: win

3: a poker hand containing five cards in sequence but not of the same suit--see poker illustration

4: a person who adheres to conventional attitudes and mores

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