Meaning of STRAIGHT in English


adj., n., & adv.


1. a extending uniformly in the same direction; without a curve or bend etc. b Geom. (of a line) lying on the shortest path between any two of its points.

2 successive, uninterrupted (three straight wins).

3 in proper order or place or condition; duly arranged; level, symmetrical (is the picture straight?; put things straight).

4 honest, candid; not evasive (a straight answer).

5 (of thinking etc.) logical, unemotional.

6 (of drama etc.) serious as opposed to popular or comic; employing the conventional techniques of its art form.

7 a unmodified. b (of a drink) undiluted.

8 colloq. (of music) classical.

9 colloq. a (of a person etc.) conventional or respectable. b heterosexual.

10 (of an arch) flat-topped.

11 (of a person's back) not bowed.

12 (of the hair) not curly or wavy.

13 (of a knee) not bent.

14 (of the legs) not bandy or knock-kneed.

15 (of a garment) not flared.

16 coming direct from its source.

17 (of an aim, look, blow, or course) going direct to the mark.


1. the straight part of something, esp. the concluding stretch of a racecourse.

2 a straight condition.

3 a sequence of five cards in poker.

4 colloq. a conventional person; a heterosexual.


1. in a straight line; direct; without deviation or hesitation or circumlocution (came straight from Paris; I told them straight).

2 in the right direction, with a good aim (shoot straight).

3 correctly (can't see straight).

4 archaic at once or immediately.

Phrases and idioms:

go straight live an honest life after being a criminal. the straight and narrow morally correct behaviour. straight angle an angle of 180(0). straight away at once; immediately. straight-bred not cross-bred. straight-cut (of tobacco) cut lengthwise into long silky fibres. straight-edge a bar with one edge accurately straight, used for testing. straight-eight

1. an internal-combustion engine with eight cylinders in line.

2 a vehicle having this. straight eye the ability to detect deviation from the straight. straight face an intentionally expressionless face, esp. avoiding a smile though amused. straight-faced having a straight face. straight fight Brit. Polit. a direct contest between two candidates. straight flush see FLUSH(3).

straight from the shoulder

1. (of a blow) well delivered.

2 (of a verbal attack) frank or direct. straight man a comedian's stooge. straight off colloq. without hesitation, deliberation, etc. (cannot tell you straight off).

straight-out US

1. uncompromising.

2 straightforward, genuine. straight razor US a cutthroat razor.


straightly adv. straightness n.

Etymology: ME, past part. of STRETCH

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