Meaning of STRAIGHT in English

adj. 1 direct, unbending, undeviating, uncurved, regular, linear The tracks are straight for as far as the eye can see 2 erect, vertical, upright, upstanding, perpendicular; plumb Stop slouching and stand up straight He stood straight as a ramrod. 3 even, square, true, right, flat, smooth, horizontal, level Are you sure that the billiard table is straight? 4 honest, frank, straightforward, direct, forthright, legitimate, (fair and) square, fair, equitable, just, above-board, upright, respectable, decent, trustworthy, honourable, dependable, reliable, Colloq upfront Sternway seems to be perfectly straight in his business dealings 5 unequivocal, unambiguous, straightforward, candid, plain, simple, explicit, blunt, unembellished, unelaborated, unqualified, outright, accurate The straight facts are given in this article The police cannot get a straight story out of him as to his whereabouts last night. 6 direct, point-blank, straightforward, straight from the shoulder, candid, outright, plain, frank, no-nonsense Do you mind answering a straight question? 7 shipshape, orderly, neat, tidy, in order, arranged, organized, sorted out, spruce, straightened out I wish Leonard would put his room straight before the guests arrive 8 sober, staid, sedate, serious, unsmiling, unemotional, impassive, emotionless, taciturn, composed, mask-like It was impossible to keep a straight face during the school play 9 undiluted, neat, unmixed, pure, unadulterated, uncut, unmodified, unaltered, unalloyed He likes his whisky straight 10 even, square, settled, straightened out, agreed The account will be straight when Dick makes the last payment 11 heterosexual, normal, Slang hetero Till Evelyn came out of the closet, I thought he was straight

adv. 12 directly, right, undeviatingly, unswervingly; as the crow flies, in a beeline I should have known she would go straight to the police 13 (straight) ahead Go straight for a mile and you'll see it on the right 14 Sometimes, straight out. directly, unequivocally, unambiguously, forthrightly, straightforwardly, point-blank, candidly, plainly, simply, in plain or simple English, explicitly, outright, honestly, accurately Just give me the story straight, without beating about the bush 15 Often, straight away or off. immediately, at once, without delay, instantly, summarily, directly, right (away or off), right off the bat, promptly, Colloq p.d.q. (= 'pretty damned quick') She went back to work straight after having the baby I told him straight off to leave town. 16 straight up. without ice I like my gin straight up

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