Meaning of PUMP in English

/ pʌmp; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


a machine that is used to force liquid, gas or air into or out of sth :

She washed her face at the pump in front of the inn.

( BrE )

a petrol pump

( NAmE )

a gas pump

a foot / hand pump (= that you work by using your foot or hand)

a bicycle pump

—see also stomach pump


( BrE ) = plimsoll


( especially NAmE ) = court shoe


( BrE ) a light soft shoe that you wear for dancing or exercise :

ballet pumps


see hand noun , prime verb

■ verb


to make water, air, gas, etc. flow in a particular direction by using a pump or sth that works like a pump :

[ vn ]

The engine is used for pumping water out of the mine.

The heart pumps blood around the body.

[ vn - adj ]

The lake had been pumped dry.

[also v ]


[ v + adv. / prep. ] ( of a liquid ) to flow in a particular direction as if it is being forced by a pump :

Blood was pumping out of his wound.


[ vn ] to move sth quickly up and down or in and out :

He kept pumping my hand up and down.

I pumped the handle like crazy.


[ v ] to move quickly up and down or in and out :

She sprinted for the line, legs pumping.

My heart was pumping with excitement.


[ vn ] pump sb (for sth) ( informal ) to try to get information from sb by asking them a lot of questions :

See if you can pump him for more details.


- pump bullets, shots, etc. into sb

- pump sb full of sth

- pump iron

- pump sb's stomach


- pump sth into sth | pump sth in

- pump sth into sb

- pump sth out

- pump sb up

- pump sth up



noun sense 1 and verb late Middle English (originally in nautical use): related to Dutch pomp ship's pump (earlier in the sense wooden or metal conduit), probably partly of imitative origin.

noun senses 2 to 4 mid 16th cent.: of unknown origin.

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