Meaning of ROAST in English


/ rəʊst; NAmE roʊst/ verb , noun , adjective

■ verb


to cook food, especially meat, without liquid in an oven or over a fire; to be cooked in this way :

[ vn ]

to roast a chicken

[ v ]

the smell of roasting meat


[ vn ] to cook nuts, beans , etc. in order to dry them and turn them brown :

roasted chestnuts


[ vn ] ( informal or humorous ) to be very angry with sb; to criticize sb strongly


( informal ) to become or to make sth become very hot in the sun or by a fire :

[ v ]

She could feel her skin beginning to roast.

[also vn ]

■ noun


( BrE also joint ) a large piece of meat that is cooked whole in the oven :

the Sunday roast


( NAmE ) (often in compounds) a party that takes place in sb's garden / yard at which food is cooked over an open fire :

a hot dog roast


( NAmE ) an event, especially a meal, at which people celebrate sb's life by telling funny stories about them

■ adjective

[ only before noun ] cooked in an oven or over a fire :

roast chicken



Middle English : from Old French rostir , of West Germanic origin.

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