Meaning of REGARD in English


v. 1 view, look at or upon or on, observe, note, notice, watch, eye, keep an eye on, gaze at or upon, stare at The children regarded the magician's performance with great interest 2 contemplate, consider, perceive, view, look upon or on, treat The lion looked at me as if he regarded me as his dinner Smith appears to regard his appointment as treasurer as a licence to steal. 3 respect, esteem, value Gwen's friends regard her very highly indeed 4 consider, view, look upon or on, think (of), judge, deem, rate, believe (to be), gauge, see, pay heed or attention to, esteem, account, take into account, imagine, reckon, evaluate I don't regard her as a likely suspect He regards his professor as his mentor. 5 concern, relate to, be relevant to, pertain to, apply to, refer to, affect, have (a) bearing on, bear on or upon, involve, have to do with, go for Our discussion regarded the disappearance of $10 from petty cash

n. 6 reference, relation, relevance, relevancy, association, pertinence, application, bearing, connection, link, tie-in We would like to talk to you with regard to your application for the post of assistant editor 7 respect, consideration, attention, reverence, veneration, awe, deference, honour, favour, esteem, high opinion, approval, approbation, appreciation, admiration, affection, fondness They have no regard for the law 8 point, particular, respect, aspect, detail, matter In this regard, I must take your past record into consideration 9 care, concern, thought, consideration, respect, sympathy, feeling, sentiment; heed, attention, notice, mind The police behave as if they have no regard for the safety of the hostages This work reflects the artisan's regard for detail. 10 regards. best wishes, good wishes, compliments, greetings, respects, salutations, Archaic devoirs Please give my regards to your father

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