Meaning of REGARD in English


v. & n.

1. gaze on steadily (usu. in a specified way) (regarded them suspiciously).

2 give heed to; take into account; let one's course be affected by.

3 look upon or contemplate mentally in a specified way (I regard them kindly; I regard it as an insult).

4 (of a thing) have relation to; have some connection with.


1. a gaze; a steady or significant look.

2 (foll. by to, for) attention or care.

3 (foll. by for) esteem; kindly feeling; respectful opinion.

4 a respect; a point attended to (in this regard).

5 (in pl.) an expression of friendliness in a letter etc.; compliments (sent my best regards).

Phrases and idioms:

as regards about, concerning; in respect of. in (or with) regard to as concerns; in respect of.

Etymology: ME f. OF regard f. regarder (as RE-, garder GUARD)

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