Meaning of COOL in English


adj., n., & v.


1. of or at a fairly low temperature, fairly cold (a cool day; a cool bath).

2 suggesting or achieving coolness (cool colours; cool clothes).

3 calm, unexcited.

4 lacking zeal or enthusiasm.

5 unfriendly; lacking cordiality (got a cool reception).

6 (of jazz playing) restrained, relaxed.

7 calmly audacious (a cool customer).

8 (prec. by a) colloq. at least; not less than (cost me a cool thousand).

9 sl. esp. US excellent, marvellous.


1. coolness.

2 cool air; a cool place.

3 sl. calmness, composure (keep one's cool; lose one's cool). & intr. (often foll. by down, off) make or become cool.

Phrases and idioms:

cool-bag (or -box) an insulated container for keeping food cool. cool-headed not easily excited. cool one's heels see HEEL(1). cooling-off period an interval to allow for a change of mind before commitment to action. cooling tower a tall structure for cooling hot water before reuse, esp. in industry. cool it sl. relax, calm down.


coolish adj. coolly adv. coolness n.

Etymology: OE col, colian, f. Gmc: cf. COLD

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