Meaning of CLOUD in English


— cloudlike , adj.

/klowd/ , n.

1. a visible collection of particles of water or ice suspended in the air, usually at an elevation above the earth's surface.

2. any similar mass, esp. of smoke or dust.

3. a dim or obscure area in something otherwise clear or transparent.

4. a patch or spot differing in color from the surrounding surface.

5. anything that obscures or darkens something, or causes gloom, trouble, suspicion, disgrace, etc.

6. a great number of insects, birds, etc., flying together: a cloud of locusts obscuring the sun.

7. in the clouds ,

a. in a condition of absent-mindedness; lost in reverie.

b. impractical: Their schemes are usually up in the clouds.

8. on a cloud , Informal. exceedingly happy; in high spirits: On the night of the prom the seniors were on a cloud.

9. under a cloud , in disgrace; under suspicion: After going bankrupt he left town under a cloud.


10. to overspread or cover with, or as with, a cloud or clouds: The smoke from the fire clouded the sun from view.

11. to overshadow; obscure; darken: The hardships of war cloud his childhood memories.

12. to make gloomy.

13. (of distress, anxiety, etc.) to reveal itself in (a part of one's face): Worry clouded his brow.

14. to make obscure or indistinct; confuse: Don't cloud the issue with unnecessary details.

15. to place under suspicion, disgrace, etc.

16. to variegate with patches of another color.


17. to grow cloudy; become clouded.

18. (of a part of one's face) to reveal one's distress, anxiety, etc.: His brow clouded with anger.

[ bef. 900; ME; OE clud rock, hill; prob. akin to CLOD ]

Syn. 1. vapor. 6. swarm, horde, multitude, throng, host, crowd, army. 7. CLOUD, FOG, HAZE, MIST differ somewhat in their figurative uses. CLOUD connotes esp. daydreaming: His mind is in the clouds. FOG and HAZE connote esp. bewilderment or confusion: to go around in a fog ( haze ). MIST has an emotional connotation and suggests tears: a mist in one's eyes. 14. muddle, distort.

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