Meaning of CONTROL in English

[noun]She's got no control over that child of hers - it's terrible. [U]The dictator took control of the country in 1933. [U]He felt he was losing control of his life. [U]Which of the sons is going to gain/take control of the company when their father dies? [U]What frightens me about being on horseback is that I don't feel as if I'm in control. [U]Were you in control of your emotions at the time? [U]It seems that the spread of the disease is now under control. [U]Everything is under control, sir (= All problems are being dealt with). [U]It took them two hours to bring/get the fire under control. [U]There was nothing we could do about it. The situation was out of/beyond/outside our control. [U]The car skidded on the ice and went out of control, crashing into an oncoming truck. [U]He thinks the government ought to impose strict controls on dog ownership, especially in the case of big dogs. [C]The police's method of crowd control involved charging on horseback and spraying the demonstrators with tear gas. [U]A control of a machine, for example a vehicle, is a device such as a switch used to operate it.The pilot was surrounded by a mass of controls. [C]The main instruments are well located in the centre of the control panel.When landing it can be very stressful to be at the controls of an aircraft. [C]In a scientific experiment a control is an object or system that is not changed so that similar objects or systems which are purposely changed can be compared to it.Do not add glucose to the control but put five milligrams in each of the other test tubes.On a computer keyboard the control key ( Ctrl) is the key that you use together with other keys when you want the keyboard to operate in a particular way.Press Ctrl+B if you want bold type.A control tower is a building at an airport from which air traffic is watched and directed.

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