Meaning of CONTROL in English

n. & v.


1. the power of directing, command (under the control of).

2 the power of restraining, esp. self-restraint.

3 a means of restraint; a check.

4 (usu. in pl.) a means of regulating prices etc.

5 (usu. in pl.) switches and other devices by which a machine, esp. an aircraft or vehicle, is controlled (also attrib. : control panel; control room).

6 a a place where something is controlled or verified. b a person or group that controls something.

7 a standard of comparison for checking the results of a survey or experiment. (controlled, controlling)

1. have control or command of; dominate.

2 exert control over; regulate.

3 hold in check; restrain (told him to control himself).

4 serve as control to.

5 check, verify.

Phrases and idioms:

controlling interest a means of determining the policy of a business etc., esp. by ownership of a majority of the stock. control rod a rod of neutron-absorbing material used to vary the output power of a nuclear reactor. control tower a tall building at an airport etc. from which air traffic is controlled. in control (often foll. by of) directing an activity. out of control no longer subject to containment, restraint, or guidance. under control being controlled; in order.


controllable adj. controllability n. controllably adv.

Etymology: ME f. AF contreroller keep a copy of a roll of accounts, f. med.L contrarotulare (as CONTRA-, rotulus ROLL n.): (n.) perh. f. F contr{ocirc}le

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