Meaning of CONTROL in English

I. noun


a control group (= a group used in an experiment or survey to compare its results with those of another group )

A control group had to be examined as well as the group that we are studying.

a controlled experiment (= one that is done using correct scientific methods )

The theory has not yet been tested by a properly controlled experiment.

a controlled substance law (= an illegal drug )

He was charged with possessing a controlled substance.

air traffic control

arms control

beyond repair/control/belief etc (= impossible to repair, control, believe etc )

Scott’s equipment was damaged beyond repair.

The town centre had changed beyond all recognition.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the performance has had to be cancelled.

birth control

a safe method of birth control

border controls (= controls on who crosses a border )

Hungary tightened its border controls.

bring a blaze under control

For more than four hours they battled to bring the blaze under control.

bring a fire under control

Firefighters took more than an hour to bring the fire under control.

carefully planned/chosen/controlled etc

carefully chosen words

closely controlled/guarded/monitored etc

Political activity is closely controlled.

complete control

The police were in complete control of the situation.

control a blaze

It took more than an hour to control the blaze at the hotel.

control freak

control key

control pollution

The water company is failing to control pollution.

control room

the submarine’s control room

control sb's/sth's movement

Some people have trouble controlling their hand movements.

control tower


Use pressure to control the bleeding .

control/contain your anger

I could not control my anger any longer.

control/contain your excitement

She could hardly control her excitement when I told her the news.

control/curb inflation (= prevent it from increasing more )

These measures are designed to curb inflation.

control/display/filter etc unit

control/keep your temper

She tried to speak calmly and control her temper.

controlled experiment

a controlled experiment to determine the effects of light on plant growth

controlled substance

an arrest for the possession and sale of controlled substances

control/limit emissions

The measures to control carbon dioxide emissions do not go far enough.

controlling interest

The firm paid over $10 million for a controlling interest in five hotels.

control/restrict imports (= reduce or put a limit on them )

The scheme aims to control imports of cheap goods.

cruise control

defence/control/survival mechanism

When a person is ill, the body’s natural defence mechanisms come into operation.

direct control

The state has direct control over certain industries.

draconian measures/controls/penalties etc

draconian measures to control population growth

due to circumstances beyond sb’s control

Occasionally flights are cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control.

exchange controls (= limits on the amount of a currency people are allowed to exchange )

The government is going to impose stricter exchange controls.


People who can exercise some control over their surroundings feel less anxious.

exert control

The state should not exert control over the media.

export controls/restrictions/quotas (= official limits on the number of exports )

The European Parliament wants tougher export controls on certain goods.

The number of goods subject to import and export quotas is being reduced.

falls under the control

Meat production falls under the control of the Agriculture Department.

gain control

The government of mainland China gained control of the island in 1683.

give sb control/authority/responsibility etc

She was given absolute control over all recruitment decisions.

ground control

gun control

hold/control the purse strings

It all comes down to who holds the purse strings.

import restrictions/controls (= laws which reduce or limit the amount of imports )

Severe import controls were introduced.

keeping tight control on

The government is keeping tight control on immigration.

lose control of the car (= no longer be able to control its direction )

He lost control of the car on a sharp bend.

loss of control

a certain feeling of loss of control

mission control

passport control

It took us ages to get through passport control.

pollution control

Effective pollution control was not being undertaken.

population control (= controlling how many children people have )

It is argued that population control is essential to limit the depletion of natural resources.

price control

quality control

ran out of control

The truck ran out of control and hit a house.

regain control

The authorities failed to regain control of the situation.

relax rules/regulations/controls

Hughes believes that immigration controls should not be relaxed.

remote control

a missile guided by remote control

rent control

resist/control an impulse (= not do something, even though you have an impulse to do it )

Derek resisted the impulse to eat any more cake.

riot control

All officers are trained in riot control.

seize power/control (of sth)

The rebels have seized power.

sole control/charge

The school was no longer under their sole control.

sovereign power/control

spiraled out of control

Crime has spiraled out of control .

strict control

There must be strict control of local government spending.

take control/charge/power

The communists took power in 1948.

Youngsters need to take control of their own lives.

under control

I’m glad to see that you have everything under control .




Capital expenditure by local authorities is subject to close central government control .

Without a smart central controller, control can trickle up from the bottom.

The first application to use the services is Tivoli/FSM, which manages Unix client-server file sharing mechanisms from a central control point.

Apparent Disadvantages of Swarm Systems NonoptimalBecause they are redundant and have no central control , swarm systems are inefficient.

Choice of pagers A paging system consists of a central control unit together with a pager for each employee.

They evidently prefer strict discipline and central control to fair competition.

In some other states, however, the movement towards greater system and central control in this respect was more marked.

These are linked up to a central control panel which monitors the entire system.


I used to do it all, I had complete control of the house, now the situation has changed completely.

The state earlier this month gave Brown virtually complete control over Treasure Island.

Neil Kinnock has more complete control over the party than any leader since Attlee.

If the first drug tried does not result in complete control at high therapeutic levels, a second drug should be substituted.

Those who were still in complete control did not manage to survive the food.

Rape offers the illusion of complete control , obtained either by a weapon, physical or verbal intimidation or drugging.

From there on, the cherry and whites took complete control and were 10 points up in the first 14 minutes.

So much for complete bloody control .


One method may be through variations in government expenditure and taxation since these flows are under the direct control of the authorities.

Managers plan, organize, staff, direct , and control .

An important supplement to these direct and internal controls is provided by efficiency audits.

It felt like there was no direct control of the machine.

The second row is about mine clearance, which was until recently under the direct control of the president's office.

But both these target variables are also influenced by variables outside the direct control of the authorities.

In these markets the Bank has no direct control over interest rates.

The resources within the enterprise are under the direct control of the managers of the enterprise.


They none the less strengthened the authority of the republican leaderships as they gradually extended their effective control over local affairs.

We can get effective control on 10 acres a day.

Severe lipaemia in an undiagnosed diabetic will usually resolve with the institution of insulin therapy and effective diabetic control .

Whoever is in charge needs to have effective control over the demand side of education.

By the end of the day Mutalibov had fled and the Front had established effective control throughout the capital.

Investigate environmental sources of infection and formulate effective control measures.

Computers are one of the aids to achieving effective control of costs and time.

But sterilisation is the ultimate means of ensuring effective population control .


Finally, there is a problem associated with financial control .

Legal controls have been supplemented by financial controls, especially over capital expenditure.

For smaller companies, where financial controls are not highly developed, factoring may prove the answer.

The Treasury saw financial control as being concerned with sound finance and above party politics.

Hence, the argument runs, even without central financial control most local councils would have been providing similar levels of services.

These problems remained, even after objectives had been partially clarified and formalized through grant financing and stringent financial controls .

Earlier plans for tighter financial control and greater independence for management had not been successful.


The central image is of a man in full control of himself and determined to enjoy the experience.

What mixed cornucopia will the blossoming of full information control bring about?

In the other he remained in full control of events and in full possession of his rightful authority.

Nearly three-quarters of female owners have full control of their businesses, compared with only half of male owners.

However, he went beyond such extensive controls and he exercised full defacto control and the trustees allowed this.

The Republicans may not have a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate but they had full control of the media.

Clearly we do not have full control over feelings.

Monopoly or the full control of supply, and hence of price, by a single firm was the ultimate security.


Ostensibly this gives greater control , but at considerable cost.

They also enable you to complete your writing projects and have greater control over your deadlines.

This demand has to be made in conjunction with demands for greater control over public housing, by those who inhabit it.

And by using one designer, she gained greater control over leaks about costs.

Such corporations tend to usurp the functions of local elected authorities which are simultaneously subjected to greater central control .

In her mind, the reengineering decision granted her a well-deserved promotion and greater span of control .

This version of WordPerfect provides greater control and flexibility in printing specific pages.


I prefer local control rather than big government.

Even more important, they are allowed to opt out of local authority control .

The Housing Act 1988 gave further encouragement to the breakup of the large housing estates remaining under local authority control .

This new-found concern with local control over abuses is ironic.

Such local network systems would offer higher efficiency and greater local control of electricity, including generation, delivery and use.

From April next year, further education and sixth form colleges will be independent of local government control .

There seems little hope of local control of health issues in the inner city.


This is not entirely the result of political control , since the privately owned press shows no greater inclination towards investigative journalism.

It is more like ordinary political damage control .

They are also the continuing decline of parliamentary politics and political control increasingly orchestrated by a small clique within the Cabinet.

We remain strongly opposed to bringing police forces under total local political control .

The political control of the Bakufu was also weakened.

So long as men will accept religious control not based on reason, they will accept political control not based on reason.

This intervention has the effect both of undermining managerial autonomy and of weakening the coherence of political control by blurring objectives.


The device in the attaché case would be activated by remote control from inside the limousine.

It includes money for new pipes, a remote monitoring and control system and earthquake-safety improvements.

Fixed and variable outputs are fitted for a remote control handset is included.

She jabs at more buttons on the remote control doodad.

No, the sound of crunching from the hallway confirmed that Holmes was having a remote control snack.

There are some versions of remote replay which do give the user complete remote control .

He would need a hired watcher for that, or a camera operated by remote control .

Rust closed the door by remote control then activated his mechanized wheelchair and approached them.


The companies' main concerns, however, were with social control of their workforces outside the pits.

Moffett sought to reassure investors that the company had social issues under control .

The church for its part acted as an administrative agency of colonial expansion and a major institution of social control .

Pollution control work, then, is typical of the many areas of social control characterized by goals of regulation rather than repression.

Social action can never be separated from practical constraints or from social control .

Meanwhile I am drawn into the trees by something that transcends state or social control .

Respectability and social control Changes can be discerned in family patterns by the end of the century.

In addition, farmers can maintain a greater degree of social control over agricultural workers living in tied accommodation.


At no time did the abbey relinquish to these groups any of its tight control over economic life.

Firecracker reacted to the tight control on his whereabouts by trying to elude his protectors.

The need for tighter control of credit was seen as vital.

So the first step in treating peripheral neuropathy is maintenance of tight control of blood glucose levels.

It continues to place strong emphasis on tight cost controls and has seen net assets rise 14% to £26.9m.

So, firms have been trying to keep costs under tight control .

They were also effectively administered, since Henry continued to exert the tight control established by his Yorkist predecessors.

How else, they assume, but tight coordination and control to deal with so many moving parts?


By 1973 this measure was considered inadequate and the government took total control of the mining companies.

She exerts total control over her schedule, her programs, and her recordings.

He has total control over the broadcasting media and the government that he laboriously cobbled together over an eight-month period.

Mussina appeared in total control on the mound, cool and efficient.

The Founders now told Pilger that the role they had given him was something less than total editorial control .

The coal industry had no say in running the fund, and Lewis had total control of it.

Manville felt good all over, in total control of himself and any possible situation which could arise.

His was the smug look of a man who knew he was in total control and liked it that way.



Another method of birth control must be used for a few months until two consecutive tests show there are no sperm left.

The father of six children, he understands the consequences of adhering to the teaching on birth control .

Your partner is also welcome, so why not go along together to discuss the different methods of birth control ?

After the 1980 elections, we knew that the rights to both birth control and abortion were at risk.

However unless birth control methods are used, sooner or later the woman is likely to get pregnant.

I wanted a prescription for the pill. Birth control was still illegal then in some states, even for married couples.

There are several birth control methods to choose from.

Even more important, birth control has a crucial escape hatch.


Of these the blood film often revealed erythrocytes with multiple pits unlike in the control group where this was unusual.

By contrast, productivity for the control group rose just 3. 9 percent.

A group of young people without Saturday jobs, will act as a control group.

Differences are computed, and the program is deemed a success if the experimental group has improved more than the control group.

As the control group , 100 µmol of Krebs-Ringer solution alone was injected into the left gastric artery.

He did not typically employ elaborate statistics to test hypotheses or use control groups in his research.

Attention is focused on the organization undergoing change, rather than on comparison with any control group .

A coalition of gun control groups and health organizations is using the research on gun deaths from 1986 through 1992&038;.


Its opponents included liberals who were opposed to the death penalty and conservatives who objected to the gun control provisions.

Democrats also intend to push for privacy initiatives and to propose modest gun control measures, party aides said.

We have an attorney general who was a leading opponent of gun control in the Senate.

The obstinate refusal of many males to support gun control is not chiefly a product of conditioning by the weapons industry.

The law was sent for approval to Governor George Deukmejian, a former outspoken opponent of gun control .

The demand for tighter gun control is especially widespread and intense among women.

He would outlaw abortion and end gun control .

But Republicans now in command at the White House and in Congress generally oppose new gun control measures.


It is therefore essential that the control mechanisms for each are put in place at the beginning of the design stage.

Teams hold employees to high standards, acting as a more acceptable quality control mechanism than evaluations and orders from the top.

There is now a need for alternative control mechanisms in this new computing environment, one of which is proper personnel controls.

But where are the sensors and the thermostatic control mechanisms ?

The traditional budget ensures compliance with the conditions set out in the appropriations; that is, it acts as a control mechanism .

Cell transformation Cancer cells become tumorigenic as a result of multiple independent steps which subvert the normal growth control mechanisms described earlier.

No single control mechanism can ensure efficiency.

The body has to have control mechanisms to regulate all its functions.


He led me to his booth and typed a few keys on the control panel .

Dials twitch in the control panel at the sound of it.

He found sweeping the floor too boring and manoeuvred himself into a role making electrical control panels .

That big control panel with all the handles and cranks.

Great care was taken in the design of the control panel and the instruments mounted on it.

ChromaZone lets you create your own modules with a sophisticated control panel .

All the graphics on the control panel are simple and easily seen, and all the controls have easy-to-understand precision markings.

The control panels have a high-tech look, and you can toggle the heads-up on and off during your flight.


In the northern agency, about half a dozen districts comprise a pollution control area.

Yet diesel gets off easily when it comes to pollution controls .

Inspectors previously specialised in particular areas of pollution control will be expected to regulate industrial processes presently outside their experience.

He will press for stricter, not more lenient, pollution controls .

Such action represents the adoption of aspects of a second air pollution control strategy - namely, the emission standards strategy.

The lack of money spent on pollution control .

In both agencies there are in effect four senior administrative positions with direct responsibility for pollution control work.


The government would end price controls and subsidies to industry, and impose tight budgets and curbs on welfare spending.

The early years of hyperinflation after price controls were eased in 1992 led to backlogs in debts among businesses and the state.

His new government imposed price controls and nationalized businesses.

Doubts were expressed about last week's rumour of moves to end steel price control .

Also on April 27 measures laying down sanctions against speculation and the circumvention of price controls were announced.

He said that the country had surmounted a crucial test when price controls were lifted for most goods in January.

Its members reckon their enterprises have no future without price controls and government subsidies.

In addition to fiscal measures, price controls have sometimes been used as a weapon.


This list can be used in your quality control checks.

Teams hold employees to high standards, acting as a more acceptable quality control mechanism than evaluations and orders from the top.

Within stock control , for example, are supplier ordering, warehouse management and quality control.

The coveted ingredient is discreetly kept in the garage. Quality controls are in place.

Every barrel a different strength, no quality control in those days.

Inevitably review plays a great part in the process of quality control by external agencies.

Education is not a production line, teachers are not operatives, and assessment is more than quality control .

Because its characteristics can be treated mathematically it is central to quality control via samples.


I went down to the studio floor from the control room and Michael was very upset at having-to do it again.

It is not unusual for control rooms to be located in another area. perhaps a different floor or building.

In accordance with local procedures, he had locked the control room door to prevent unauthorised access.

You see engineers in the control room .

In the immediate vicinity, sensitive monitors relay readings back to the central control room .

Most astronomers are enclosed in observing cages or in control rooms for most of the time they are observing.

Some of the old hands have got themselves in at the cop stations and traffic control rooms .

A visitor to the control room of this nuclear missile submarine might pass it by without a second thought.


Firstly, however, the crude comparisons between action and control samples in terms of institutionalisation are made.

There is also the possibility that the action and control samples differed in important characteristics.

The scheme was evaluated using a matched control sample of cases from adjacent areas.

Cost differences between action and control samples are shown in Table 6.4.

The differences between action and control samples at the time of referral was unexpected.

Because the control sample of people still at home at second assessment was so small, no conclusions are possible.


Stoloyan promised continued state control of prices for basic goods until May 1992.

The nationalization of the electricity sector followed 22 years later, bringing the full energy spectrum under state control .

While they exist to serve public purposes, they are self-governing and only subject to a limited state control .

It talks about only another layer of government and more red tape and state control , not less.

However, there are worries about State control .

Nor has it been the result of government action and state control .

The first of these is characterized by state control of the press and its eventual emancipation from such controls.

The revolution, through state control , has given agricultural labourers greater security and better wages by turning them into state employees.


Checking the takings late at night is no substitute for a proper budgetary control system .

We have a flood control system that is severely damaged.

A control system is currently under development for combining the output from the different modules in an intelligent manner. 5.7.

Investigators discovered a malfunction in the propeller pitch control and a worn part in a propeller control system on the left engine.

They give managers additional information on which to base their judgements, but they do not provide a company control system .

Related Occupations Accountants and auditors design internal control systems and analyze financial data.

Mercedes' traction control system is standard.

Gait disorders follow from defects in these control systems .


Birkwood Lock, the first mechanized lock with control tower and traffic light gantry.

He practiced landings on Sunday, then told the control tower that he would fly for another hour.

The control tower staff saw the aircraft making a sharp left-hand climbing turn before it disappeared into thick low cloud.

A window also was blown out of the control tower .

Meanwhile, up in Duxford's control tower , John Allison was anxiously waiting.

The quake shattered windows in the control tower at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and forced the airport's immediate closure.

Soon, Rob would take S-Sugar on to the runway and wait for clearance from the control tower .


A2 Bay Road, Carnlough - traffic control .

We will reduce airport congestion by increasing the capacity of our air traffic control .

Craigavon Division A27 between Poyntzpass and Newry - traffic control in operation.

They included warning local air traffic control and having hundreds of gallons of water and pumps standing by in case of accident.

Internet traffic control relies on these numbers.

Some of the old hands have got themselves in at the cop stations and traffic control rooms.

I would have needed an air traffic control centre to keep track of where everyone was at any given moment.

The co-operation of air traffic control is central.


Computers with control units implemented in this way are called microprogrammed computers.

The control unit , the motor and the electronic parts of the spindle were imported.

The control unit then enters the execute phase, to carry out the operation decoded in the fetch phase.

The environmental control unit was a squat concrete abutment with metal slotted vents.

A waveform analyser processes the voltage signals and returns Position detector pulses to the control unit at the required Positions.

Several changes in the control unit were made in the 1960s but the technology remained expensive and had relatively little diffusion.

Choice of pagers A paging system consists of a central control unit together with a pager for each employee.

A remote control unit will offer an on-screen menu.



Later in this chapter we will examine the gradual growth of government concern to assume a closer control of the process.

It was still unclear last night, however, which party would assume control of the House.

Many women would assume control of the family business upon the death of a spouse.

Mackenzie assumed direct control , with his partners in subordinate positions.

Then on 13 January 1972 the army dismissed Busia; a group of officers led by Colonel Acheampong assumed control .

Zajedno leaders say they will assume control of Nis city hall next Monday.

Over the following months, de Gaulle assumed total control over political affairs and substantially reduced Giraud's authority as Commander-in-Chief.

In 1909, the U. S. Government assumed control of the leper settlement at Molokai.


It took a long time to bring the fire under control , the local pubs kept open for three days and nights.

All he was trying to do, he says, was bring her under control .

An incendiary device exploded setting fire to furniture, but the blaze was brought under control .

Some 8,000 troops, firemen and police attempted to bring the fire under control .

More than 100 firefighters fought for four hours to bring the blaze under control .

It would be virtually impossible to bring them under the control of one super-agency.

Inflation will be brought under control by the emerging recession.

It took them three hours to bring it under control .


By exercising muscular control , certain kinds of feeling can be inhibited.

Unless managers see the control process through to its conclusion, they are merely monitoring performance rather than exercising control.

The Bedford Area Guardians Committee continued to exercise control over matters great and small.

The governing body therefore now has much greater potential to exercise control over the life and work of the school.

However, he went beyond such extensive controls and he exercised full defacto control and the trustees allowed this.

This explains why the Commission wishes to exercise some degree of control over the freedom to subsidise.

Messrs Murdoch, Maxwell and Rowland, amongst others, are known to have attempted to exercise control over editorial content.


I started to return well and I gained control of the match.

When Mr Michael Foot became leader, activists gained greater control of the party machine.

But these tiny acts helped women gain some measure of control over our lives.

Fortunately, the investment banks have managed to gain control of the dividends of only big and new companies.

The attack recovered the lost guns and gained control of a good part of the plateau.

Meanwhile both groups began infiltrating the city in an attempt to gain control of key locations.

Soon he would gain control of himself and the role, Logan said.


He found himself struggling with the wheel, fighting to keep the vehicle under control .

The bill would have made changes in the food stamp program but would have kept it under federal control .

But how long could they keep control of the situation?

Some of this was done no doubt to keep control in choppy political waters.

I was desperately trying to keep control but felt horribly threatened.

Anyone can operate a snowmobile, but it takes some guidance to keep them under control .

And smooth, surge-free progressive power delivery to help keep you in control at all times.

Yesterday it had been difficult to keep his thoughts under control .


At that point, humans lose control .

You lose all control , honey, and it just starts to happen.

One was suffering from deep depression, the other believed he was beginning to lose control of his mind.

The attack recovered the lost guns and gained control of a good part of the plateau.

Despite this, they have lost control over who knows what about them.

I almost lost it-I almost lost control of the business I had worked so hard to build.

It is after they have lost control for the second or third time that the real difficulties appear.


In the second place, it involves some intention to maintain that control on the part of the possessor.

Other legislators say the priority should be maintaining control of U.S. immigration and not rewarding lawbreakers.

We can maintain control of conversation by avoiding other people's agendas.

For Beyster, employee ownership is an effective way to maintain control .

It is difficult to maintain control where a scattered enforcement staff possess high discretion.

Legally, the government was obliged to maintain strong control of transport, making privatisation problematic.

The knowledge workers in the insurance company were responsible for processing this mass of data to maintain operational control of the business.

Weather and sea conditions during the service were extremely hazardous, demanding absolute concentration to maintain control of the lifeboat.


It then demands a mental fight to regain physical control .

All of which sounds a bit fishy -- selling off a chunk of the government to regain control of it?

Fortunately, he quickly regained control , whereas the rest of us lost it permanently.

If Republicans lose 21 seats, the Democrats will regain control of the House.

Having even this amount of control may help you to regain a feeling of control over the whole situation.

Though he lost his job, he regained control of his life.

Nor did Peter regain effective control of his kingdom as Henry, although defeated at Nájera, staged a political comeback.

The monarchists, therefore, decided to turn their support to the Santanistas in an effort to regain control .


I tell Opposition Members that we shall not give way; we shall retain control over public spending.

Symington, of course, wants to retain control of those dollars.

Surely those who retained control over it would do better?

We see then that while some marketers in Huaraz have retained control over their work, others are experiencing proletarianization.

She retains virtual control of her sons, the eldest of whom firmly remains second in line to the throne.

Republicans retained control of the House with at least 225 seats to the Democrats' 204 seats.

In such ways the party retains ultimate control over appointments, transfers, promotions and discipline.

The National Park Service will retain control of open spaces.


But Lynwood appears to be the first city where one minority group -- Latinos -- seized control from another -- blacks.

How did men seize control everywhere and suppress women, keeping them ignorant and enslaved?

We will, within the next fifty years, be able to seize control of our own evolution.

Republicans seized control of both houses of Congress, picking up a whopping 117 House seats along the way.

The army seized control , occupied many campuses, and closed all universities.

Silber will be no more successful at seizing control of education policy statewide.


However, Murray International Holdings took control of Rangers late in 1988.

But Alton restricted the opposition to four points in that opening spell and then took control to score four good tries themselves.

I remember feeling complimented that he would let me take control at the most critical part of the flight.

Ershad met with senior Army officers who informed him that they were unwilling to step in and take control of the country.

Schroer will take control of the four Invesco health care funds Feb. 1, the company said.

It was her flat and she was going to take control of what went on in it.

Kobert also asked that a trustee be appointed to take control of the company.


a control freak

Some bosses are control freaks , while others are too unclear about what they want from you.

Am I a control freak just because I want a little order in my life?

assume control/responsibility etc

As a principal, he assumes responsibility for the performance of the entire transportation contract.

But you know already that I am not the sort to assume responsibility for my inconsistencies.

Given a chance to assume responsibility, many do.

In 1991 it assumed responsibility for its own catering, with total revenue increasing by 60 percent partly as a result.

It was still unclear last night, however, which party would assume control of the House.

Then on 13 January 1972 the army dismissed Busia; a group of officers led by Colonel Acheampong assumed control.

Virgin Trains says it would be prepared to assume responsibility for the state of the track over which its trains run.

Zajedno leaders say they will assume control of Nis city hall next Monday.

instrument/control panel

Dials twitch in the control panel at the sound of it.

He hopes, for instance, that instrument panels have not changed much in the last fifty years.

I settled on one of the gauges on the instrument panel in front of me.

On Windows 95, go to control panel , then keyboard, then languages, then properties, and there choose Dvorak.

Reaching to the control panel , he flipped the auto-pilot to the off position.

That big control panel with all the handles and cranks.

The instrument panel looked complicated, but all the switches were neatly marked.

reassert your authority/power/control

For the next year the Republican government was obliged to struggle to reassert its authority.

Governments will reassert their control over corporations when people reassert their control over governments.

Historians are divided into two viewpoints about the Tsars ability to reassert his power and avoid revolution.They are the optimists and pessimists.

Louis the Pious, taking Charles with him, moved quickly to reassert his control.

The battered Premier was today desperately trying to reassert his authority after Mr Lamont's devastating attack.

transfer power/responsibility/control (to sb)

In order to transfer control to a new sequence of instructions, a new value must be deposited in the program counter.

Managers are frequently willing to transfer responsibility for performing certain tasks, particularly under supervision.

Pairs of jump instructions were provided to transfer control to the left- or right-hand instruction of a specified store location.

The innovation of transferring responsibility to an indigenous anti-Communist corps had been started too late.

They also achieve another prime objective of Conservative Governments, which is to transfer power from the state to the people.

Yet he is ahead of many heavily funded university labs in attempting to transfer control from humans to machines.


Croatian rebels battled for control of Vukovar.

Few people have better ball control than Jordan.

Heads of department can make some decisions, but the chairman has overall control within the company.

price controls

Reynolds struggled for control as he told how much Dinah meant to him.

She hits the ball harder than Sabatini, but lacks her control .

Simmons stopped his battle for control of Lockheed.

The disease robs you of muscle control .

the TV control

They seem to have no control over their children.

Who has control of the budget?


Birth Control Pills and Headache Headaches may rarely occur as a side effect of birth control pills.

Helen, ruffled but in control , hurried into the car.

Others suggested that because of its rigid op-position to birth control , the Church had forfeited its credibility in the reproductive debate.

The building will include an auction hall, valeting and inspection areas, a wash bay and entry control .

The major area of cooperation is infrastructure, mainly pollution and flood control .

The researchers showed cancer develops when the function of oncogenes is disturbed and cells grow without control , the Karolinska Institute said.

The truth is, they are as much outside the control of our destiny as we are.

II. verb




It was carefully controlled by time and by geography - a day divided into three eight-hour slots.

As an alternative to episiotomy, the delivery of the head can be carefully controlled .

The patient's respiratory function is carefully controlled and monitored by the anaesthetist throughout the patient's stay in theatre.

He has a new media coach and his public appearances have been carefully controlled .

There was no secrecy about its contents, although it is delivered in limited and carefully controlled amounts.


They include giving local forces more control over how they spend money and deploy resources.

By early 1954, the Viet Minh controlled over half the countryside.

We have further increased diversity by: Giving schools control over their own budgets and encouraging new types of school.

I could be happy staying here where you have-more command and control over what goes on around you.

The higher, reasoning brain has handed control over to the instinctive brain.

The downside is that parents lose control over how their kids can spend that money when they turn 18.

Police controls over such gatherings had to be exercised on the spot, rather than in advance.

Managers, supervisors, and the company personnel department will have much less control over hiring decisions.



It has also shown that they are most effective in situations of crisis because of their ability to initiate and control social interactions.

This rewarded not production but the ability to control production.

The other facet of the relationship is the ability to control subordinates.

Expanded research is needed to better understand these events and enhance our ability to predict and control these infections.

Even when it was defined as the ability to change or control the behaviour of others they felt it was inappropriate.

We have the ability to monitor and control our manpower extremely efficiently be it in terms of numbers, pay or potential or whatever.

Many people are negative about their ability to control their diet.

We also have, for the first time, the ability to control colour mixing through understanding.


Legislation to control mining activity is expected to follow.

Budgets are among the most widely used devices for controlling and coordinating the activities of an organization.

Added to the pressure of development is the lack of a single authority controlling activities in estuarine areas.

Or does performance require a small set of individuals coordinating and controlling the activities of larger numbers of other people?

One possibility is that there are master genes whose products control the activity of many others.

This enabled them to control the activities of people who did not expect the Navigation Acts to be taken seriously.

The LANtastic Network Manager window is displayed only on servers, and is used to control network activities .

Cells thus provide the key to understanding development because their behaviour brings about embryonic development and is controlled by gene activity .


Added to the pressure of development is the lack of a single authority controlling activities in estuarine areas .

Classical music was, to begin with, a similarly less controlled area .


I was involved in an attempt to control mosquitoes by genetic techniques some 12 years ago.

Most Republicans hailed the bill as a reasonable attempt to control costs for businesses, hospitals, insurance companies and ultimately consumers.

Both authors used steroids in an attempt to control the disease process, with some success.

Will the spirit of the constitution justify this attempt to control its words?

It is an attempt to address who controls what is in the production chain of a commodity.

In 1926 the city annexed Watts in an attempt to control black migration into the area.

Instead, it should be seen as a successful attempt to control speeds which would reach unacceptable levels if left unchecked.

My father made no attempt ever to control his rages even though he knew his condition.


If, however, the authorities were to control interest rates, the supply curve might become downward sloping.

It is up to local school authorities to adopt rules controlling the use of such leaves.

The Department of the Environment said it was looking at the legal position of local authorities wanting to control parties.

Educational authorities can control what subjects are taught, what the textbooks contain, and even what the teachers say and do.

The Soviet authorities strictly controlled all telecommunications.

I just want the authority to control my own life.

Added to the pressure of development is the lack of a single authority controlling activities in estuarine areas.

The school argued that its authority to control the curriculum should include extracurricular and co-curricular activities.


Eventually, it will also be able to control its own behaviour .

It follows from the foregoing observations that a knowledge of right and wrong has of itself no power to control behaviour .

Hundreds of genes probably control most behaviour patterns.

Drugs used to control behaviour , such as amphetamine derivatives, can be continued during the diet.

Many of these children are put on drugs to help control their behaviour .

Of course all adults should be expected to control their own behaviour while on a flight.

Organizations have traditionally relied on structure and threats of insecurity to control the behaviour of employees.

Even when it was defined as the ability to change or control the behaviour of others they felt it was inappropriate.


Railways, airlines, banks, and insurance companies are all controlled by the central regime.

The company controls about 75 percent of the Czech tobacco market.

The few companies that control the brands make the real profits.

Fewer than two dozen large, politically powerful companies control delivery of most of the news and information we receive.

No licence for setting up a joint-venture company is required unless the company will be controlled by non-residents.

The combined company will control more than 5, 900 megawatts of electric-generating capacity worldwide.


Mr Ballantyne said that he ran out of a drug used to control Mr Stockton's epileptic fits.

Many of these children are put on drugs to help control their behaviour.

He was given drugs which controlled this well and had no more health problems for the next four years.

Chronic conditions like diabetes or arthritis require medical treatment including drugs to control them.

Doctors may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs to control both inflammation and pain.

If this drug fails to control the diabetes than a more potent preparation such as glibenclamide may be required.


He also promised to let the ruble float, giving up all efforts to control its rate against the dollar.

In an effort to control the situation, Sally and Bruno had attempted different approaches.

We redoubled our efforts to control the flood of water that gushes down our field from the mountains behind.

Supporters of this kind of regulatory machismo held out hope that this agreement will revolutionize our efforts to control tobacco.

In a voice that shook in spite of her efforts to control it, she asked if she could see Mrs Blessington-Dalrymple.

As the number of blacks increased alarmingly in the colonies, some southern colonists made efforts to control the slave trade.

It is expected to say that tobacco companies have deliberately thwarted international efforts to control the sale of cigarettes.


Ballvalves A ballvalve controls the flow of water into a cistern.

I usually posted myself then at a busy intersection where a traffic light controlled commuter flow from Newark.

The machine is fitted with a computerised management system to control stock flow .

They controlled the flow of whatever it was the people needed or thought they needed or were persuaded they needed.

But Duran's failure to control his cash flow had him ducking under the ropes again 18 months later.

The outcome demonstrates just how difficult it is becoming for national regulators to control the flow of information.

Interface-the circuit, or physical connection, which controls the flow of data between a computer and its peripherals.

The child is not capable of controlling this flow and will show staining of his or her pants.


Fourth, the new media make it far more difficult for a government to control the information available to its citizens.

Today, the government wishes to control local borrowing as part of the attempt to limit the total of public spending.

In the United States the government has attempted to control monopoly primarily in two ways.

A major theme in local government is to control the power of the professional.

The Arizona state government in Phoenix now controls much of what Pima County can do.

Police actions are frequently directed by ruling politicians and the government controls the legislation which grants the army immunity.

Important resources were located nearby in Jaipur: merchants, wool depots, veterinary hospitals and various government agencies to control migration.


It will produce the hard data needed to analyse resource utilisation and will trigger an alarm mechanism allowing managers to control access.

Physiological mechanisms which control the population dynamics are also subject to variation and selection.

Instead they prefer simply to tinker with the particular mechanisms advocated for controlling corporate managerial power.

Any sense that directorates are a mechanism to control and constrain doctors is likely to provoke problems.

The company fears that uranium dust sealed inside the machine could jam the mechanism that controls the shutters.

Prominent among the protective mechanisms that are controlled by nociceptive neurones is the microcirculation of the gastric mucosa.

However, it was also shown that this gate mechanism was controlled by impulses descending from the brain.


It had been found difficult to control money supply and to keep it within target ranges.

Inevitably he ended up controlling their money , and with it their lives.

It has been suggested that the methods of controlling the money supply were at fault.

Prosecutors said Bailey already controlled enough money for the two of them.

Repos are used by central banks to control funds in money markets and fine-tune interest rates.

He stared at the old stooped man with the thinning grey hair and bushy walrus moustache who controlled the nation's money .

The Republican Congress controlled the money and it saw no pressing reason to spend it on any of those courses.


This reputation could be tarnished if adequate steps are not taken to control the rodent population .

The first was the discovery that parasites can control populations and cause them to go in cycles.

To the outsider, the civilian, beat work was directed at controlling the street population .

Physiological mechanisms which control the population dynamics are also subject to variation and selection.

A psychological war is going on, one that controls the population by disrupting communities and instilling a climate of mistrust.

Lotka and Volterra were interested in knowing whether parasites could stably control populations of hosts.

Shooting is often proposed as a method of controlling the fox population .

In contrast to this, extrinsic factors like food supply and predation are held by other workers to control the population cycles.


It follows from the foregoing observations that a knowledge of right and wrong has of itself no power to control behaviour.

And even where unions still do exist, they have lost much of their power to control wages or negotiate working conditions.

But the political authorities still of course have considerable power to control the railways.

Skiing is vigorous exercise, and it takes muscle power to control your skis on a downhill run.

However, as we have seen, central government has always had power to control capital spending and still does.

These demanding children know that they have the power to control their parents.

No form of monitoring is effective unless there is implicit within the manager's power an ability to control and introduce change.

No mercy, no power but its own controls it.


The crystalline post is controlled by special bond chemistry under controlled process conditions.

Who is controlling the editorial process ?

Both authors used steroids in an attempt to control the disease process , with some success.

Who controls the budgetary process itself and what means do they use to do so? 5.

This information could then be used by those controlling the production process to take appropriate corrective action.

They are evaluated and yet play no part in defining the criteria, determining the methods, or controlling the process .

It has been clear for some time that the demands of the arms control process would increasingly dominate military planning.

Give illustrations of how the behaviour of individuals can affect the planning and control process .


It had been found difficult to control money supply and to keep it within target ranges.

The Fed sets monetary policy by controlling short-term inter-est rates and by trying to control the supply of money.

It has been suggested that the methods of controlling the money supply were at fault.

She does not simply restore plant life, but teaches the secrets of agriculture, giving humans control over their food supply .

To talk about controlling the money supply is too vague.

What are the limitations on these methods of controlling the money supply ?

Why does an unstable demand for money make it difficult to control the supply of money?


I now turn to the third of my questions: what controls the whole system ?

It is a political project exhibiting all the characteristics of a centrally controlled socialist economic system .

Conclusion Our results support Internet-based prescription of sildenafil utilizing a physician designed and controlled information and decision system .

They are used to trying to control systems where accurate calculation of the best solution is either impossible or takes too long.

The Cutler Toy Company will be used to illustrate the use of a short-term financial planning and control system .

Ensure that you are familiar with any heating controls the system may have such as a time clock or programmer.


This is how I put it: Andrew has not yet learned to control his temper .

I just sat there stewing in the front seat, trying to control my temper and figure out what had gone wrong.

It had been with supreme effort that he had controlled his temper .

In fact, I sometimes wondered how I controlled my temper when I was in his presence.

In complete contrast to Laura, Bernard had never seen the need to control his temper .

In the last eight months of the marriage, he couldn't control his temper .

If you can't control your temper you'd better go down to the canteen and help yourself to a drink.



What element of the monetary system should the government seek to control ?

Mr Morgado said that the group would seek a controlling interest in companies and that it would play an operating role.

Only through unity and collective resistance can these people stand up to the powerful interests that seek to control their lives.

There are too many forces we do not control - nor indeed seek to control.

For the old polycentric system of the Council they sought to substitute departments controlled by ministers.

Such an immaculately synchronised performance between two figures seeks totally to control and condition our attention.

Accordingly, they can be ignored by monetary authorities seeking to control the overall price level.

It is because the men here are too often afraid of women and seek to control them.


She was trying to control him, like all women he had known.

The more I try to control my panic, the worse it becomes.

The more we try to control nature, the more fearful we are that nature will answer our interference with violence.

He is unable to repeat his success. all possible combinations are not tried in a controlled manner.

If the pack has become too big and unmanageable, the dominant male must spend all his time trying to control it.

When making bread, you try to control only one kind of organism.

Maybe I wasn't fully asleep - you know that half-waking state where you try to control the direction of your dream?

Any U.S. city trying to control development needs luck.


a control freak

Some bosses are control freaks , while others are too unclear about what they want from you.

Am I a control freak just because I want a little order in my life?

instrument/control panel

Dials twitch in the control panel at the sound of it.

He hopes, for instance, that instrument panels have not changed much in the last fifty years.

I settled on one of the gauges on the instrument panel in front of me.

On Windows 95, go to control panel , then keyboard, then languages, then properties, and there choose Dvorak.

Reaching to the control panel , he flipped the auto-pilot to the off position.

That big control panel with all the handles and cranks.

The instrument panel looked complicated, but all the switches were neatly marked.


a radio-controlled car

A valve controls the flow of water into the main tank.

He was having trouble controlling the heavy truck on the slippery road surface.

Health-care reform is intended to control costs and provide medical care for everyone.

I wish he'd learn to control his temper.

If you can't control your dog, you should put it on a leash.

If you can't control your temper, you don't belong in this line of work.

Insulin controls blood sugar levels in the body.

Many U.S. corporations are controlled by foreign companies.

Miss Weston is having difficulty controlling the children in that class.

Nathan tried to control his crying.

Oloco is a huge company, controlling over half the world's oil trade.

Republicans controlled more than two-thirds of the Senate.

She's a good driver and controls the car very well.

She exercises to control her weight.

She was really annoying me, but I managed to control myself and not say anything.

The area is now controlled by rebels.

The export of these devices is strictly controlled.

The finance committee controls the club's budget.

The fire was controlled later Tuesday night.


Because homosexuals do not control society, they are more victims than agents of its decay.

My view of the future is controlling illegal immigration but respecting people who are legally here.

The desire of Congress to control the expenditure of the indemnity payments had resulted in the failure of the National Bank bill.

The nanobots might be controlled by on board molecular microcomputers linked by radio to a base computer.

The number of lines to the inch controls the coarseness of the final dot formation.

Whereupon those High Masters - the self-proclaimed servants of the Emperor - could control the entire human species galaxy-wide, almost instantaneously.

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