Meaning of CONTROL in English

[con.trol] vt con.trolled ; con.trol.ling [ME controllen, fr. MF contreroller, fr. contrerolle copy of an account, audit, fr. ML contrarotulus, fr. L contra- + ML rotulus roll--more at roll] (15c) 1 a archaic: to check, test, or verify by evidence or experiments b: to incorporate suitable controls in "a controlled experiment"

2. a: to exercise restraining or directing influence over: regulate b: to have power over: rule c: to reduce the incidence or severity of esp. to innocuous levels "~ an insect population" "~ a disease" syn see conduct -- n -- adj -- con.trol.ment n

[2]control n, often attrib (1590) 1 a: an act or instance of controlling; also: power or authority to guide or manage b: skill in the use of a tool, instrument, technique, or artistic medium c: the regulation of economic activity esp. by government directive--usu. used in pl. "price ~s"

2: restraint, reserve

3: one that controls: as a (1): an experiment in which the subjects are treated as in a parallel experiment except for omission of the procedure or agent under test and which is used as a standard of comparison in judging experimental effects--called also control experiment (2): one (as an organism, culture, or group) that is part of a control b: a device or mechanism used to regulate or guide the operation of a machine, apparatus, or system c: an organization that directs a spaceflight "mission ~" d: a personality or spirit believed to actuate the utterances or performances of a spiritualist medium syn see power

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