Meaning of JUMP in English


(IN THE AIR) [verb] [I] - to raise yourself off the ground and into the air using your legs and feetThey watched the children running and jumping.Ballet dancers can jump very high (into the air).He killed himself by jumping out of a window.Our cat is always jumping up on/onto the furniture.The children are jumping up and down with excitement.(figurative) There's something wrong with the television - the picture keeps jumping. [I](figurative informal) The joint's really jumping (= This place of entertainment is very active and crowded) tonight. [I]To jump sometimes means to raise yourself off the ground in order to go over something.Can you jump (over/across) this stream? [T; I + preposition]All the horses are finding it difficult to jump the last fence. [T]If a noise or action causes you to jump your body makes a sudden sharp movement because of surprise or fear.The loud explosion made everyone jump.Oh, you made me jump - I didn't hear you come into the room.I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard a loud crash downstairs.(informal UK and ANZ) Bill's jumping up and down (= is annoyed) because Mark didn't get his report finished in time.Simon jumped for joy (= was very happy) when he got his exam results.(informal) I told him to go (and) jump in the lake (= go away).That's a very effective advertisement - it really jumps out at you (= strongly attracts your attention).Let's take the question of the future of the existing workforce as a jumping-off point (= a point from which to start) for our negotiations.The car battery was dead so we had to start the engine with (UK) jump leads/(US) jumper cables/(ANZ) jumper leads (= two wires which carry electrical power from one car engine to another which does not have any power).To jump rope is US for skip. A jump rope is US for a skipping rope.See at skip (JUMP).To jump-start a car is to start its engine by pushing the car, or by using jump leads. A jump-start is the act of starting a car in either of these ways.

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