Meaning of JUMP in English


v. & n.


1. intr. move off the ground or other surface (usu. upward, at least initially) by sudden muscular effort in the legs.

2 intr. (often foll. by up, from, in, out, etc.) move suddenly or hastily in a specified way (we jumped into the car).

3 intr. give a sudden bodily movement from shock or excitement etc.

4 intr. undergo a rapid change, esp. an advance in status.

5 intr. (often foll. by about) change or move rapidly from one idea or subject to another.

6 a intr. rise or increase suddenly (prices jumped). b tr. cause to do this.

7 tr. a pass over (an obstacle, barrier, etc.) by jumping. b move or pass over (an intervening thing) to a point beyond.

8 tr. skip or pass over (a passage in a book etc.).

9 tr. cause (a thing, or an animal, esp. a horse) to jump.

10 intr. (foll. by to, at) reach a conclusion hastily.

11 tr. (of a train) leave (the rails) owing to a fault.

12 tr. ignore and pass (a red traffic-light etc.).

13 tr. get on or off (a train etc.) quickly, esp. illegally or dangerously.

14 tr. pounce on or attack (a person) unexpectedly.

15 tr. take summary possession of (a claim allegedly abandoned or forfeit by the former occupant).


1. the act or an instance of jumping.

2 a a sudden bodily movement caused by shock or excitement. b (the jumps) colloq. extreme nervousness or anxiety.

3 an abrupt rise in amount, price, value, status, etc.

4 an obstacle to be jumped, esp. by a horse.

5 a a sudden transition. b a gap in a series, logical sequence, etc.

Phrases and idioms:

get (or have) the jump on colloq. get (or have) an advantage over (a person) by prompt action. jump at accept eagerly. jump bail see BAIL(1). jump down a person's throat colloq. reprimand or contradict a person fiercely. jumped-up colloq. upstart; presumptuously arrogant. jump the gun see GUN. jumping-off place (or point etc.) the place or point of starting. jump-jet a jet aircraft that can take off and land vertically. jump-lead a cable for conveying current from the battery of a motor vehicle to boost (or recharge) another. jump-off a deciding round in a showjumping competition. jump on colloq. attack or criticize severely and without warning. jump out of one's skin colloq. be extremely startled. jump the queue

1. push forward out of one's turn.

2 take unfair precedence over others. jump-rope US a skipping-rope. jump seat US a folding extra seat in a motor vehicle. jump ship (of a seaman) desert. jump-start start (a motor vehicle) by pushing it or with jump-leads.

--n. the action of jump-starting. jump suit a one-piece garment for the whole body, of a kind orig. worn by paratroopers. jump to it colloq. act promptly and energetically. one jump ahead one stage further on than a rival etc. on the jump colloq. on the move; in a hurry.


jumpable adj.

Etymology: 16th c.: prob. imit.

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