Meaning of JUMP in English



1. to jump in the air

2. to go over something by jumping


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1. to jump in the air

▷ jump /dʒʌmp/ [intransitive verb]

to push yourself off the ground or away from something, using your legs :

▪ How high can you jump?

▪ The driver jumped clear as his vehicle fell into the river below.

jump into/onto/up etc

▪ My cat always jumps up onto the table when I’m trying to work.

▪ She jumped down from the wall.

jump [countable noun]

▪ Aziz won the event with a jump of 2 metres.

▷ jump up and down /ˌdʒʌmp ʌp ən ˈdaʊn/ [verb phrase]

to jump several times, always landing in the same place :

▪ At the back of the stand, Redsox fans were jumping up and down with excitement.

▪ Stop jumping up and down -- keep still!

▷ hop /hɒpǁhɑːp/ [intransitive verb]

to jump or move forward on one leg rather than two :

▪ Mary was hopping anxiously from one foot to another.

hop along/around/over etc

▪ It’s a game in which you hop around trying to knock the other players over.

▷ skip /skɪp/ [intransitive verb]

if someone, especially a child, skips along, they move along with a little jump between their steps :

▪ Can you skip to the other end of the playground.

skip along/around etc

▪ The children went skipping along the path.

▷ leap /liːp/ [intransitive verb] especially written

to jump as far or high as you can :

leap onto/through etc

▪ He leaped through the window and was gone.

▪ Tessa leaped onto the boat just as it was moving away from the bank.

▪ The fish leaped out of the water.

leap [countable noun]

▪ With a tremendous leap, James managed to catch the ball.

▷ dive /daɪv/ [intransitive verb]

to jump into water with your head and arms first :

▪ Roger was standing at the edge of the pool ready to dive.

dive into/in/off

▪ Evan dived off the rock into the sea.

▪ The pool was deserted, and Lindsey wasted no time before diving in head-first.

dive [countable noun]

▪ That was a perfect dive.

2. to go over something by jumping

▷ jump /dʒʌmp/ [intransitive/transitive verb]

jump over/across

▪ The dog jumped the gate and ran away howling.

▪ Ricky jumped across the stream and ran all the way home.

▪ He raced down the garden and jumped over the wall.

▷ leap /liːp/ [intransitive/transitive verb] especially written

to go over something with a long or high jump :

▪ I leapt the fence to safety, leaving the dog snarling behind me.

leap over/across

▪ The bartender leapt over the bar and tried to stop the fight.

▷ vault /vɔːlt/ [intransitive/transitive verb]

to jump over something, using your hands to help you :

▪ He makes vaulting a five foot wall look easy.

vault over

▪ Jack vaulted over the railings.

▷ clear /klɪəʳ/ [transitive verb]

to jump over something easily without touching it, especially in a race :

▪ He cleared the first two obstacles, but hit the top of the third.

▪ There was a sprinkling of applause as the horses cleared the last fence.

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