Meaning of JUMP in English


I. ˈjəmp verb

Etymology: probably akin to Low German gumpen to jump

Date: 1530

intransitive verb


a. : to spring into the air : leap ; especially : to spring free from the ground or other base by the muscular action of feet and legs

b. : to move suddenly or involuntarily : start

c. : to move over a position occupied by an opponent's piece in a board game often thereby capturing the piece

d. : to undergo a vertical or lateral displacement owing to improper alignment of the film on a projector mechanism

e. : to start out or forward : begin — usually used with off

jump off to a big lead

f. : to move energetically : hustle

g. : to go from one sequence of instructions in a computer program to another

jump to a subroutine

2. : coincide , agree


a. : to move haphazardly or irregularly : shift abruptly

jump ed from job to job

b. : to change or abandon employment especially in violation of contract

c. : to rise suddenly in rank or status

d. : to undergo a sudden sharp change in value

prices jump ed

e. : to make a jump in bridge

f. : to make a hurried judgment

jump to conclusions

g. : to show eagerness

jump ed at the chance

h. : to enter eagerly

jump on the bandwagon

4. : to make a sudden physical or verbal attack

jump ed on him for his criticism

5. : to bustle with activity

the bar was jump ing with young people

transitive verb


a. : to leap over

jump a hurdle

b. : to move over (a piece) in a board game

c. : to act, move, or begin before (as a signal)

jump the green light

d. : to leap aboard

jump a freight

2. obsolete : risk , hazard


a. : to escape from : avoid

b. : to leave hastily or in violation of contract

jump town without paying their bills — Hamilton Basso

c. : to depart from (a normal course)

jump the track


a. : to make a sudden physical or verbal attack on

b. : to occupy illegally

jump a mining claim



(1) : to cause to leap

(2) : to cause (game) to break cover : start , flush

b. : to elevate in rank or status

c. : to raise (a bridge partner's bid) by more than one rank

d. : to increase suddenly and sharply

- jump bail

- jump ship

- jump the gun

- jump the queue

II. adverb

Date: 1539

obsolete : exactly , pat

III. noun

Date: circa 1552



(1) : an act of jumping : leap

(2) : any of several sports competitions featuring a leap, spring, or bound

(3) : a leap in figure skating in which the skater leaves the ice with both feet and turns in the air

(4) : a space cleared or covered by a leap

(5) : an obstacle to be jumped over or from

b. : a sudden involuntary movement : start

c. : a move made in a board game by jumping

d. : a transfer from one sequence of instructions in a computer program to a different sequence

conditional jump

2. obsolete : venture



(1) : a sharp sudden increase

(2) : a bid in bridge of more tricks than are necessary to overcall the preceding bid — compare shift

b. : an abrupt change or transition


(1) : a quick short journey

(2) : one in a series of moves from one place to another

d. : the portion of a published item (as a newspaper article or story) that comprises the continuation of an item that begins on a preceding page

4. : an advantage at the start

desirous of getting the jump on the competition — Elmer Davis

5. : jazz music with a fast tempo

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate English vocabulary.      Энциклопедический словарь английского языка Merriam Webster.