Meaning of QUESTION in English

(PROBLEM) [noun] [C] - any matter that needs to be dealt with or consideredThere is still the question of the missing money.The article raises the vexed question of human rights.What are your views on the Northern Irish question?Question also means doubt or uncertainty.There's no question about (= It is certain) whose fault it is.Whether children are reading fewer books is open to question (= there is some doubt about it).He's competent - there's no question about that.Her loyalty is beyond question (= There is no doubt about it).I stayed at home on the night in question (= the night being discussed).There's no question of agreeing to their demands.It's simply a question of getting (= you must get) your priorities right.If you say that something is out of the question or that there is no question of it happening, you mean there is no possibility of it happening.A trip to New Zealand is out of the question this year.There's no question of agreeing

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