Meaning of QUESTION in English

n. 1 query, inquiry or enquiry I asked you a simple question, 'Where were you last night?', and I expect a civil answer 2 problem, difficulty, confusion, doubt, dubiousness, uncertainty, query, mystery, puzzle Is there some question about the qualifications of the new employee? 3 matter, issue, point, subject, topic, theme, proposition Whether you stay is not the question The question remains, How are you going to earn a living? 4 beyond (all or any) question. beyond (the shadow of) a doubt, without question, without a doubt, indubitably, undoubtedly, doubtlessly, definitely, certainly, assuredly He is guilty beyond all question 5 call in or into question. question, doubt, query, challenge, dispute, harbour or entertain or have doubts or suspicions about, suspect, cast doubt or suspicion on I cannot see why he has called her loyalty into question 6 in question. a under discussion or consideration The person in question never worked for this company b questionable, debatable, at issue, in doubt, doubtful, open to debate Her honesty was never in question 7 out of the question. unthinkable, impossible, absurd, ridiculous, preposterous, inconceivable, beyond consideration, insupportable An increase in salary at this time is out of the question 8 without question. See 4, above.

v. 9 ask, examine, interrogate, query, interview, sound out, quiz, Colloq pump, grill, Slang give (someone) the third degree He was questioned for six hours as to his whereabouts 10 call in or into question, doubt, query, mistrust, distrust, cast doubt upon, dispute, suspect Investigators have long questioned the relationship between the banks and the drug barons

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