Meaning of QUESTION in English


[ques.tion] n [ME, fr. MF, fr. L quaestion-, quaestio, fr. quaerere to seek, ask] (14c) 1 a (1): an interrogative expression often used to test knowledge (2): an interrogative sentence or clause b: a subject or aspect in dispute or open for discussion: issue; broadly: problem, matter c (1): a subject or point of debate or a proposition to be voted on in a meeting (2): the bringing of such to a vote d: the specific point at issue

2. a: an act or instance of asking: inquiry b: interrogation; also: a judicial or official investigation c: torture as part of an examination d (1): objection, dispute "true beyond ~" (2): room for doubt or objection "little ~ of his skill" (3): chance, possibility "no ~ of escape"

[2]question vt (15c) 1: to ask a question of or about

2: to interrogate intensively: cross-examine 3 a: doubt, dispute b: to subject to analysis: examine ~ vi: to ask questions: inquire syn see ask -- n

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