Meaning of QUESTION in English

I. ˈkwes(h)chən, ÷-eshən noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English questioun, from Middle French question, from Latin quaestion-, quaestio, from quaesitus, quaestus (past participle of quaerere to seek, ask) + -ion-, -io -ion



(1) : an interrogative expression

ask questions about the candidates

— see rhetorical question

(2) : an interrogative sentence or clause

(3) : an interrogative expression used to test knowledge (as in a written or oral examination) — compare answer I 1b

b. : a subject or aspect that is in dispute, open for discussion, or to be inquired into : issue

the question whether or not the people of any time have ever considered their civilization with complete satisfaction — Virgil Jordan

the question of whether some form of verse is a necessary condition of poetry — Alice Bensen

the tariff question

raise the question of adequate financing

broadly : problem , matter

the question of how mankind will use the leisure — A.R.Sweezy

the question of buying a car

the questions of where one lives and of the nature and quality of the common life in which one participates — N.M.Pusey

composing is a question of paper and a pen full of ink — J.D.Cook


(1) : a subject or point of debate or a proposition being or to be voted on in a meeting (as of a legislative body)

the question before the senate

(2) : the bringing of such a subject or proposal to a vote

loud cries for the question

put the matter to the question

— see previous question

d. : the specific point at issue or under discussion

a remark that was beside the question

e. : something the correctness or existence of which is open to doubt

no longer a question but an established fact

an open question whether the addition is an improvement


a. : the action or an instance of asking : inquiry

a long glance of sulky question — William Sansom

this kind of division could not support very close question — T.S.Eliot

b. : examination with reference to a decisive result : interrogation ; specifically : a judicial or official investigation

c. : torture as part of an examination

he that was in question for the robbery — Shakespeare

searched for something or put him to the question — C.B.Child


(1) : objection , dispute

obey without question

true beyond question

words that could without question be used — S.L.Payne

one question remains unanswered

(2) : room for doubt or objection

no question about the official's honesty

seemed little question that it would be able to count on government support — Collier's Year Book

there is no question but that there will be a general rise in wages — E.A.Lahey

(3) : possibility of or opportunity for a particular action : chance — used in negative constructions

there is no question of bypassing a statutory procedure — Current History

there was no question of refusing to sit on any of these committees — Andrzej Panufnik

no longer even any question of escape — John Farrelly

- in question

- into question

- out of question

- out of the question

II. verb

( questioned ; questioned ; questioning -es(h)chəniŋ, ÷ -esh(ə)n- ; questions )

Etymology: Middle French questionner, from question, n. — more at question I

transitive verb

1. : to ask a question of or about

questioned the Indians as to the river's name — American Guide Series: Minnesota

question the absence of a club member


a. : to subject to judicial or police examination

question a suspect

b. : to call to account : accuse , charge



(1) : to express doubt about : demonstrate lack of conviction about : challenge , dispute

the honesty of these writers is unimpeachable, however much their competency may be questioned — Edward Clodd

(2) : to feel doubts about : doubt

questioned her wisdom in staying on the farm — E.T.Thurston

b. : to subject to analysis : examine , research , ponder , consider

Babylonian sages who questioned the stars in their efforts to measure time — W.K.Ferguson

no more accustomed to question language itself than to question the weather — Stuart Chase

intransitive verb

1. : to ask questions : inquire

2. obsolete : talk , converse , argue

Synonyms: see ask

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