Meaning of QUESTION in English

vt to talk to; to converse with.

2. question ·noun talk; conversation; speech; speech.

3. question ·noun to ask questions; to inquire.

4. question ·noun that which is asked; inquiry; interrogatory; query.

5. question ·vt to doubt of; to be uncertain of; to query.

6. question ·vt to raise a question about; to call in question; to make objection to.

7. question ·noun the act of asking; interrogation; inquiry; as, to examine by question and answer.

8. question ·vt to inquire of by asking questions; to examine by interrogatories; as, to question a witness.

9. question ·noun to argue; to converse; to dispute.

10. question ·noun discussion; debate; hence, objection; dispute; doubt; as, the story is true beyond question; he obeyed without question.

11. question ·noun hence, a subject of investigation, examination, or debate; theme of inquiry; matter to be inquired into; as, a delicate or doubtful question.

12. question ·noun examination with reference to a decisive result; investigation; specifically, a judicial or official investigation; also, examination under torture.

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