Meaning of QUESTION in English

/ ˈkwestʃən; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ C ] a sentence, phrase or word that asks for information :

to ask / answer a question

Question 3 was very difficult.

In the exam there's sure to be a question on energy.

The question is, how much are they going to pay you?

( formal )

The question arises as to whether or not he knew of the situation.

The key question of what caused the leak remains unanswered.

( formal )

He put a question to the minister about the recent reforms.

I hope the police don't ask any awkward questions .

In an interview try to ask open questions that don't just need 'Yes' or 'No' as an answer.


[ C ] question (of sth) a matter or topic that needs to be discussed or dealt with :

Let's look at the question of security.

The question which needs to be addressed is one of funding.

Which route is better remains an open question (= it is not decided) .


[ U ] doubt or confusion about sth :

Her honesty is beyond question .

His suitability for the job is open to question .

Her version of events was accepted without question .


- bring / throw sth into question

- come into question

- good question!

- in question

- just / merely / only a question of (sth / doing sth)

- out of the question

- there is / was no question of (sth happening / sb doing sth)

—more at beg , call verb , moot adjective , pop verb

■ verb


[ vn ] question sb (about / on sth) to ask sb questions about sth, especially officially :

She was arrested and questioned about the fire.

The students were questioned on the books they had been studying.

Over half of those questioned said they rarely took any exercise.

[also v speech ]


to have or express doubts or suspicions about sth :

[ vn ]

I just accepted what he told me. I never thought to question it.

No one has ever questioned her judgement.

[ v wh- ]

He questioned whether the accident was solely the truck driver's fault.



late Middle English : from Old French question (noun), questionner (verb), from Latin quaestio(n-) , from quaerere ask, seek.

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