Meaning of SAFE in English

(NOT IN DANGER) [adjective] -r, -st - not causing danger or not in dangera safe play-area for childrenI don't like going in a car with him - he's not a safe driver.Watch out! That ladder isn't safe - it's going to fall down.She wished us a safe journey.Is this medicine safe for children?It's safe to come out now - the danger's past.Your secret's safe with me (= I will not tell anyone what you have told me).In some cities you don't feel safe going out alone at night.We're safe from attack now - the enemy planes have gone.I know I put it somewhere safe (= where it could not be damaged, stolen or lost) but I just can't find it.Don't lose your passport - keep it in a safe place (= where it cannot be damaged, stolen or lost).Safe can also be used to describe things which do not involve any risk.Almost all the votes have been counted now, so I think it's safe to say (= there is little risk of being wrong if we say) that we've won.He's never remembered my birthday in his life, so it's a safe bet (= I am certain) he'll forget it again this time!The interviewers made the safe choice (= one that was not risky) and gave the job to the man they knew.If an official position in parliament is safe, it is likely to be won by the political party which has won it at previous elections.She's been chosen as a candidate for a safe Conservative seat.Dr Bailey is doing the operation, so your wife is in safe hands (= she is being cared for by someone skilled).(UK) If you invest your money with us, it will be as safe as houses (= you are very unlikely to lose it).I'm sure it won't rain, but I'll take an umbrella (just) to be on the safe side (= to be ready if it does rain).After three days lost in the mountains, all the climbers arrived home safe and sound (= completely without injury).(A) safe-conduct is (a document giving) official protection from harm while travelling through an area.They issued us with safe-conducts so that we could pass through enemy country.In exchange for the hostages, the terrorists demanded safe-conduct out of the country.A safe house is a house where someone can hide or shelter.The authorities discovered our safe house and captured two of our agents there.The safe period is the few days just before and during a woman's period when she is unlikely to become pregnant.Safe sex is the use of condoms or other methods of avoiding catching a disease, esp. AIDS, from sexual contact with someone else.

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