Meaning of SAFE in English


adj. 1 unharmed, whole, uninjured, unhurt, (safe and) sound, secure, protected, shielded, sheltered, out of harm's way, all right, Colloq OK or okay You'll be safe here with me 2 harmless, non-toxic, non-poisonous, innocuous; unpolluted This medication is safe if you do not exceed the recommended dosage Is the water safe to drink? 3 sure, secure, sound, protected, risk-free, riskless, safe as the Bank of England, reliable, dependable, solid, bona fide, conservative, tried and true, Brit safe as houses It was previously thought that an investment in Alfordyce Ltd was safe 4 all right, allowable, permissible, acceptable, satisfactory, appropriate, suitable, timely, right, correct, proper, justifiable, justified, Colloq OK or okay Is it safe to come out now? 5 secured, protected The children are safe in bed Your secret is safe with me.

adv. 6 safely, securely I won't breathe easy till he's safe behind bars

n. 7 vault, crypt, strongbox, safe-deposit or safety-deposit box, coffer, chest, repository The necklace is kept in the safe and I never get a chance to wear it

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