Meaning of SAFE in English


I. adjective


a careful/safe driver

Since I had the accident, I’m a much more careful driver.

a safe alternative

Will there ever be a safe alternative to nuclear power?

a safe distance (= enough space to be safe )

You should keep a safe distance from the car in front.

a safe environment

The playground provides a safe environment for children.

a safe investment (= in which you are unlikely to lose money )

Electricity shares are still a safe investment.

a safe journey (= used especially to wish someone a good journey )

Have a safe journey.

a safe option (= one that involves no risk )

A special savings account can be a safe option.

a safe seat British English (= one that a party is unlikely to lose )

Maidstone is considered a safe seat for the Conservatives.

arrive safe and sound (= safely )

It was a great relief when he arrived back safe and sound.

judge it safe to do sth (= consider that it is safe to do something )

He listened for some time before judging it safe to go downstairs.

keep (sb/sth) warm/safe/dry etc

We huddled around the fire to keep warm.

night safe

permit/promise/guarantee etc safe passage (to/for sb)

The government offered safe passage to militants taking up their offer of peace talks.

Play it safe (= avoid risks )

Play it safe and make sure the eggs are thoroughly cooked.

provide/offer/create a safe haven (for sb)

The prime minister wanted to create a safe haven for the refugees.

safe conduct

safe disposal

Talks were held on the safe disposal of nuclear weapons.

safe driving (= driving well and carefully )

Young drivers should be educated about safe driving.

safe haven

The prime minister wanted to create a safe haven for the refugees.

safe house

safe passage

The government offered safe passage to militants taking up their offer of peace talks.

safe sex

safe sex (= ways of having sex that reduce the spread of sexual diseases )

somewhere safe/different etc

Is there somewhere safe where I can leave my bike?




So for the trick to work the parent must always be perfectly safe .

When we arrived at a perfectly safe position, we halted to take an account of damages.

Basic butane picnic stoves are a perfectly safe , reliable and inexpensive choice for mild weather trips.

I think he decided the jewels were perfectly safe right where they were.

As for the 1991 cruising season, most of the Med is still perfectly safe to visit.

The point is, of course, that for hundreds of years the villages have been perfectly safe .

Maggie realised that she felt perfectly safe with him.

The descent, like a big dipper, is exhilarating but perfectly safe .


I've got to settle down and have babies, so you're quite safe .

Tim flowers felt quite safe I m sure.

Even though his hands were full, she felt quite safe .

He would be quite safe in it till morning.

But if you buy the right thing in the right place you should be quite safe .

And besides - you were quite safe .

You'd be quite safe , I assure you.


Security advisers are confident the prince will be relatively safe from hostile forces.

In spite of the adverse effects, the benzodiazepines are relatively safe drugs.

Monasteries and nunneries were relatively safe from attack until the Dissolution and would have no need for elaborate and impractical tunnels.

We then take him on to a relatively safe highway.

A small monetary union here would be relatively safe , under almost any conceivable scenario.

Women gained access to relatively safe abortion, and thus gained control over their own fertility.

Mr Stringer now appears relatively safe , but he could have been the victim of his own success.

Where parking is off-street the streets seem relatively safe , but where it is not there are obvious dangers.



Above all, remember that there is no such thing as a safe bet .

If you are determined to cultivate fruits, then the safest bets are berry bushes and nut trees.

The supermodels are a safe bet and, in times of recession, that is what matters.

Or is Paul Parker a safer bet ?

It was always a safe bet , of course, that Hillsborough would be just about the least dangerous place in Britain yesterday.

You can't have a safer bet than that!

But Nintendo looks a safer bet .

He may not fancy it, but it's a safe bet that he would be the first man to do it.


Apart from the commander of the garrison and his guard who were given safe conduct to Ascalon they spared none.

They would be guaranteed safe conduct north.


All have telephone and safe deposit .

Where is your safe deposit box, and the keys to it?

Safe deposit boxes Many large hotels provide individual safe deposit boxes or wall safes for the use of their guests.

One item that intrigued them was a key to a safe deposit box, which was apparently left for them to find.


So, from a safe distance , he plucked meanings from the cosmos and wove them together in reassurance.

But not all eavesdropping can be accomplished at such a safe distance .

She sat down rather stiffly on the grass, being careful to keep a safe distance between them.

I liked Hatti but from a safe distance .

The senator fell into step beside me while some of Bonefish's smaller children followed at a safe distance .

They had watched from a safe distance , because opposing Chun could mean only bad news.

The best way of avoiding this problem is to ensure that there is a safe distance between the trees and buildings.


There is hope for a safer environment , but it can not be achieved easily or soon.

After I came to the United States, I made myself a really safe environment .

For individuals, the costs of maintaining a safe environment are, however, by no means all in the category of indirect taxation.

Maintain a clean and safe environment for learning.

Obviously knowledge as well as self-discipline is necessary to prevent accidents and maintain a safe environment .

The individual's level of stress is known to be important in relation to maintaining a safe environment .

In recent years this has been brought into sharp focus with growing public concern for a healthier and safer environment .

This is true largely because the problems associated with maintaining a safe environment are different in different parts of the world.


My neck and hand were in safe hands-four of them.

The college also offers a creche for two to five-year-olds so that parents can leave children in safe hands .

Knight was the next to fall - straight into the safe hands of Hick, off the bowling of Benjamin.

He left them in safe hands .

They took her to Central Middlesex Hospital and were told she would only be released into safe hands .

I hope they're in safe hands .

You feel yourself in the safe hands of people who know what they are about.

Ambulances arrived, Ivor and Pauline were in safe hands .


This aspect arose in particular over the setting up of safe havens for the Kurds.

A survivor, Nathan hunts for a safe haven .

He convinced local landholders to give the monkeys safe haven by setting aside land as a preserve.

Gold is seen by many investors as a safe haven in times of economic and political instability.

Dozens of other mammals call this forest safe haven , among them the increasingly threatened jaguar.

Before long, public housing developments were functioning as traps, not safe havens .

Create safe havens for the victims of war?

The womb is the ultimate safe haven and the ultimate symbol of care and nurture.


It was logical really that I should be brought from my anonymous safe house to the Hezbollah's Hay Madi barracks.

They reportedly control an organization that lists at least 20 safe houses in Tijuana alone and numbers as many as 400 people.

It was a safe house in a bad area at a bad time.

Side turnings; stopovers; safe houses .

And the finest safe house on the road back to Ireland.

We're moving you to a safe house in Wapping.

She was placed in a safe house but later returned to the coven of her own free will.

One success in a sea of despair is the safe house system.


On Jan. 31, the government promised safe passage to Sikh militants taking up the Prime Minister's offer of peace talks.

There was risk involved in going, and no guarantee of safe passage .

The water of the red sea divided so as to ensure safe passage for the Israelite.

Instead, Fujimori has offered to provide safe passage out of the country for rebels if they liberate all the captives.

They call themselves Rektum, and all signs suggest they enjoyed what you might call a safe passage .

It confined transoceanic vessels to a few narrow shipping lanes that promised safe passage .

That channel is one of only three in the whole archipelago that will allow a nuclear submarine safe passage .

The gunmen released most hostages and headed for Chechnya with the rest after receiving a promise of safe passage .


There are some who advocate that, now that that has happened, the world is somehow a safer place .

She put her card away in a safe place - then couldn't remember where.

It just makes your world a kinder, safer place .

While I was absent, Wemmick had warned Herbert to move our guest to a safer place .

Jack Diamond is an entirely safe place .

But the organisation is a keen supporter of driver training as the best way of making the roads a safer place .

My mind darts like a boy who has stolen something and wants to get to a safe place to examine his prize.


Worse, really, because with ageing there's not the least possibility of a safe return .

And he adds his personal guarantee of company and protection, with the assurance of eventual safe return .

Birdland is now offering a reward for the safe return of the birds and the conviction of the thieves.

The Everqueen herself gifted him with a heart-shaped broach which she had woven with enchantments for his safe return .

Meanwhile, the Spartan observers were politely detained, pending the ambassadors' safe return .

Already some manufacturers are offering incentives for safe return of batteries, so that they can recycle or dispose of them safely.

The safe return of the Oldenburgs.


But, as it was, he could expect to be made Solicitor-General and found a safe seat .

The already safe seat at Wandsworth was divided in 1918 into five safe seats.

It went down a treat with the matrons in safe seats like South-west Surrey.

Given that most seats are safe seats for one party or another, this selection is usually tantamount to election.

It will increase citizens' control over their elected representatives, by abolishing safe seats .

Besides, you need to motivate workers in safe seats to go and help in the others.

In safe seats selectionist tantamount to election.


She must fetch her raincoat, just to be on the safe side .

So this year, to be on the safe side , she had ordered a roll of chicken wire and metal stakes.

To be on the safe side , always ask your doctor's advice before making a final decision.

So they dropped a dime in order to err on the safe side .

Most employers, to be on the safe side , would have fired a lot more workers.

Just to be on the safe side , he may also have invoked topographical features behind which the sun disappears.

Dougal had arranged to hire it for the Sunday and the Monday, just to be on the safe side .


But there are safe ways to ward off fleas.

There are two safe ways to find a good massage therapist: 1.

The safest way to ensure that you are getting the best practical business advice for your money is to buy from Croner.

He'd spent a long time twisting bits of wire together and finding a safe way to steal electricity from the fusebox.

After recycling, we must find the safest way in which to dispose of the waste.

It is the only safe way to proceed in the future.

The safest way to introduce it is in the skimmer, where it can sterilize the water as it passes through.

Nervous Novices Villa-Flotilla is the safest way to sample cruising for the first time.


a good/safe bet

The earrings seemed like a good bet for a birthday present.

Cohen says companies like PictureTel have improved transmission quality, making video conferencing a better bet than in years past.

Even if you spend more and risk recurring sticker shock, the place is a good bet to tranquilize you.

It was always a safe bet , of course, that Hillsborough would be just about the least dangerous place in Britain yesterday.

Only a few months ago he had looked like a good bet .

Still, if a well-equipped sporty car is in your heart, the fifth-generation Prelude probably is a good bet .

That makes them a good bet if you travel with a laptop computer.

The supermodels are a safe bet and, in times of recession, that is what matters.

a safe pair of hands

it's a safe/sure/fair bet (that)

As soon as a board attempts to interfere with management tasks it's a fair bet that profits will decline.

He may not fancy it, but it's a safe bet that he would be the first man to do it.

Since they're not, it's a fair bet that they show something she doesn't want you to know.


As long as we keep to the main road we should be safe .

Bye Sarah, have a safe journey.

Do teenagers know enough about safe sex and contraception?

Do you think she'll be safe in the house all alone?

Dr Williams said the drug would continue to be used because it was safe for most patients.

Hiding in the hedge a safe distance from the truck, she waited for the man to appear.

I'm trusting you with these documents, so make sure you keep them safe .

I feel pretty safe in this building.

Keep the receipt in a safe place.

Mothers held on to their children tightly, letting them watch the fireworks from a safe distance.

Our buses have to pass a safety test each year and are perfectly safe .

She tends to choose safe , politically acceptable topics for her films.

the safe disposal of radioactive waste

The missing children were eventually found at a friend's house, safe and sound.

The turtles lay their eggs in the damp sand where they are safe from predators.

Tom's plan seemed simple and safe .

We want the streets to be safe for our children.

Would it be safer to park my car in the driveway?

Your money will be safer in the bank.


Ericka Emery, 13, feels safer now.

I closed the curtains around the bed, and felt safe from Heathcliff and everyone else at Wuthering Heights.

New powers to refuse wastes and revoke licences are potentially powerful weapons in controlling the movement and safe disposal of wastes.

One looked safe enough, bearing, as it did, Mr Yarrow's distinctive scrawl.

Seemingly the safest of all securitised corporate lending is the market for commercial paper.

There was a sort of noisy anonymity about the rattling carriage which made him feel safe .

To be on the safe side I spent two hours in the drain, shivering for most of the second hour.

White noise is as safe as a lullaby.

II. noun




As the new millennium begins, a world supposedly safe from war has to some degree become a world safe for war.

Nevertheless, Levin helped make the world safe for Jeffries by establishing a symmetry of crackpot ideas.

It remains to be seen whether all this makes the world safe from calamitous currency crunches.


He ignored both the display cases and the safe which was concealed behind a framed eighteenth-century engraving of the City of London.

The safe being a large cabinet with a fine wire-mesh door to keep flies off fresh food.

This is the money that banks keep in their safes or tills for everyday use.

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