Meaning of SWEAT in English

[formal] perspiration [noun] [U]The dancers were dripping/pouring with sweat (= the salty colourless liquid that you excrete through your skin) after a morning's rehearsal.By the time we'd climbed to the top of the hill, we were covered in sweat.She wiped the beads (= drops) of sweat from her forehead.(figurative informal) He tends to get in a sweat (= to worry) about flying.The cathedral was built by human toil and sweat (= effort).(informal) If you say that something is no sweat, you mean that it will not be difficult or cause problems."Can you fix my car for me?" "No sweat!"A sweat band is a thin strip of material that someone doing sport or exercise wears round their head to stop sweat going into their eyes or wears round their wrists to stop sweat going onto their hands.The sweat glands are the small organs under the skin which produce sweat.Sweat suit is a tracksuit.

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