Meaning of SWEAT in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ swet ]

n. & v. --n. 1 moisture exuded through the pores of the skin, esp. from heat or nervousness. 2 a state or period of sweating. 3 colloq. a state of anxiety (was in a sweat about it). 4 colloq. a drudgery, effort. b a laborious task or undertaking. 5 condensed moisture on a surface. --v. (past and past part. sweated or US sweat) 1 intr. exude sweat; perspire. 2 intr. be terrified, suffering, etc. 3 intr. (of a wall etc.) exhibit surface moisture. 4 intr. drudge, toil. 5 tr. heat (meat or vegetables) slowly in fat or water to extract the juices. 6 tr. emit (blood, gum, etc.) like sweat. 7 tr. make (a horse, athlete, etc.) sweat by exercise. 8 tr. a cause to drudge or toil. b (as sweated adj.) (of goods, workers, or labour) produced by or subjected to long hours under poor conditions. 9 tr. subject (hides or tobacco) to fermentation in manufacturing. øby the sweat of one's brow by one's own hard work. no sweat colloq. there is no need to worry. sweat-band a band of absorbent material inside a hat or round a wrist etc. to soak up sweat. sweat blood colloq. 1 work strenuously. 2 be extremely anxious. sweat gland Anat. a spiral tubular gland below the skin secreting sweat. sweating-sickness an epidemic fever with sweating prevalent in England in the 15th-16th c. sweat it out colloq. endure a difficult experience to the end. [ME swet(e), alt. (after swete v. f. OE swótan OHG sweizzen roast) of swote f. OE swat f. Gmc]

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