Meaning of SWEAT in English

v. 1 perspire, glow That workout made me sweat 2 Often, sweat out. worry, be anxious, agonize, anguish, bite (one's) nails, be on pins and needles, fret, fuss, stew, torture or torment oneself, lose sleep (over), Colloq sweat blood, be in a tizzy, US sweat bullets The professors really like to make students sweat, don't they? Fiona is sweating it out till the results are posted 3 slave (away), labour, drudge, grind, toil and moil, slog, work like a Trojan or a horse, Slang Brit swot or swat I sweat over a hot stove all day while you're out and about town 4 ooze, exude, squeeze out, transude When a boy, he believed that dew came from flowers sweating water

n. 5 perspiration, Technical diaphoresis, sudor In addition to body moisture, salt and other minerals are lost in sweat 6 (hard) work, labour, laboriousness, grind, toil, drudgery, slogging, sweating, Slang Brit swotting or swatting Nothing worthwhile is gained without some sweat 7 state of confusion or upset or excitement or distraction or agitation or anxiety or distress or worry; pother, Colloq dither, tizzy, lather Henry has really worked himself up into a sweat over this problem 8 No sweat! No problem!, Don't worry!, Everything is taken care of!, All is well!, That presents no difficulty!: When asked to change a flat tyre, the stranger's response was, 'No sweat!'

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