Meaning of AFTER in English

I. adverb

so as to follow in time or space

after, we turned toward home

Synonyms: afterward, afterwhile, behind, by and by, infra, later, latterly, next, subsequently

Related Word: abaft, aft, astern

Idioms: after a time ( or while), in the wake of

Contrasted words: ahead, forward

Antonyms: before

II. preposition


so as to resemble or follow in some respect

named after his father

Synonyms: for, from


later in time or lower in place or rank

after our discussion

Synonyms: behind, below, following, next, since, subsequent to

Contrasted words: ante, ere, in advance of, preceding, prior to

Antonyms: before


Synonyms: beyond 1, outside, past, without

III. adjective


Synonyms: subsequent 1, ensuing, later, posterior, postliminary, subsequential


Synonyms: posterior 2, back, hind, hinder, hindmost, rear, retral

Contrasted words: antecedent, preceding, prior

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