Meaning of DECISION in English




a position arrived at after consideration

the decision of the committee remains firm

Synonyms: conclusion, determination, resolution, settlement

Related Word: accord, agreement, understanding; accommodation, adjustment, arrangement; compromise, reconciliation; choice, preference, selection

Contrasted words: deadlock, draw, stalemate, standoff, tie


freedom from doubt or wavering

a man of unusual decision

Synonyms: decidedness, determination, firmness, purposefulness, purposiveness, resoluteness, resolution, resolve

Related Word: doggedness, obstinacy, obstinance, perseverance, persistence, stubbornness; earnestness, seriousness; backbone, fortitude, grit, pluck

Contrasted words: changeableness, indetermination, irresolution; uncertainty, unsureness; faltering, fluctuation, hesitation, vacillation, wavering

Antonyms: indecision

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