Meaning of DECISION in English

/ dɪˈsɪʒn; NAmE / noun


[ C ] decision (on / about sth) | decision (to do sth) a choice or judgement that you make after thinking and talking about what is the best thing to do :

to take a decision (= to decide)

( BrE )

to make a decision (= to decide)

We need a decision on this by next week.

Who took the decision to go ahead with the project?

He is really bad at making decisions .

We finally reached a decision (= decided after some difficulty) .

We must come to a decision about what to do next by tomorrow.

a big (= an important) decision

The final decision is yours.

It's a difficult decision for any doctor.

The editor's decision is final.

Mary is the decision-maker in the house.


(also de·cisive·ness ) [ U ] the ability to decide sth clearly and quickly :

This is not a job for someone who lacks decision.

OPP indecision


[ U ] the process of deciding sth :

The moment of decision had arrived.



late Middle English : from Latin decisio(n-) , from decidere determine, from de- off + caedere cut.

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