Meaning of DECISION in English

I. də̇ˈsizhən, dēˈ- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle French, from Latin decision-, decisio, from decisus (past participle of decidere to decide) + -ion, -io -ion — more at decide


a. : the act of deciding ; specifically : the act of settling or terminating (as a contest or controversy) by giving judgment

b. : a determination arrived at after consideration : settlement , conclusion — see judgment , precedent , stare decisis


a. : an account or report of a conclusion, especially of a legal adjudication or judicial determination of a question or cause

a decision of the Supreme Court

b. : an announcement (as of a judge) declaring the winner in a contest

3. : the quality of being decided : prompt and fixed determination : firmness

a man of unusual decision


a. : the act of forming an opinion or of deciding upon a course of action

an exhausting decision

b. : an opinion formed or a course of action decided upon

a favorable decision

5. : win ; specifically : a victory in a boxing match decided on points instead of by a knockout

II. transitive verb

( decisioned ; decisioned ; decisioning -zh(ə)niŋ ; decisions )

: to win a decision over (an opponent)

the champion easily decisioned the challenger

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