Meaning of DECISION in English



a bold decision

Deciding to emigrate is a bold decision for anyone to make.

a controversial decision

The court’s decision was highly controversial.

a crucial decision/step

Choosing a career is a crucial decision to make.

a group decision

Being involved in a group decision can help motivate workers.

a key decision

Women made most of the key decisions about how money was spent in the household.

a painful decision

I made the painful decision to move far away from my family.

a policy decision

No policy decision can be made until the next meeting.

a rational decision/choice

The patient was incapable of making a rational decision.

announce a decision/intention/plan

The government has announced plans to create 10,000 new jobs.


I applaud the decision to install more security cameras.

arbitrary decision

an arbitrary decision


They went to the High Court to challenge the decision .

collective decision

a collective decision made by all board members

The judge’s decision is final .


The committee deferred their decision .


He delayed his decision on whether to call an election.

final decision/say/approval etc

We can advise the client, but in the end it is he who has the final say .

Is that your final answer ?

go back on your word/promise/decision

Delors claimed that the President had gone back on his word.

implement a policy/plan/decision etc

We have decided to implement the committee’s recommendations in full .

influence a decision/outcome/choice etc

momentous decision

a momentous decision

quick decision

I had to make a quick decision .

rash decisions

Don’t go making any rash decisions about your future!

ratify a treaty/an agreement/a decision etc

We hope that the republics will be willing to ratify the treaty.

reach a decision

I hope that they reach a decision soon.


He should reconsider his decision to resign.

render a decision/opinion/judgment etc

It is unlikely that the court will render an opinion before November 5.

reverse a decision/ruling

The Supreme Court reversed the decision.

stick by a decision/promise etc

He has stuck by his radical plans for economic reform.

stick to your decision/principles etc

Miguel was determined to stick to his decision.

tactical move/decision/ploy

a tactical decision to send in troops

ultimate decision

The ultimate decision rests with the Public Health Service.

watershed decision/case etc

a watershed case on pension rights




In reality, of course, they are the result of a long chain of conscious decision making.

I made a conscious decision to do more than persevere in the remaining years I have with my voice.

Once you've made a conscious decision to move you become more aware.

When you make a conscious decision , it is done in the summit of the brain.

It was more than a conscious and detailed decision: it was like a force of nature.

It has to be designed or thought out carefully so that conscious decisions can be made about it.

This is the result of a conscious decision to segment their markets in this way. 14.

Although it may appear otherwise, such behaviour requires no conscious decision making by the ant.


Having heard differing views during a visit to the region on Friday, Lang said difficult decisions would need to be made.

Now there's a handbook to help couples deal with making such difficult decisions .

Laing pauses to collect his thoughts when considering what was perhaps the most difficult decision of his long career.

Even the institutions that are trying to establish captive-breeding programmes face difficult decisions .

There may be difficult decisions to take about which new services should be funded first and how best to run them.

He comes from a musical family and might be faced with a difficult decision before he is much older.

It had been a difficult decision , but she was sure it had been the right one.

He said the difficult decision had been made in the interest of his public relations business.


After a fabulous day in a London hotel with the six finalists, our prestigious panel of judges made their final decision .

Monday, with the final decision in perhaps the final trial, maybe the spotlight would finally be off Brentwood.

It is not the place of this House to take final decisions .

A final decision will come this summer.

A final decision whether to grant an entertainment licence will be taken in March.

He added, though, that he would consult with doctors and his family before making a final decision .

You can make suggestions, offer advice and give support but final decisions must be theirs.

The final decision is next Wednesday.


He made the hard decision to abandon the Old World.

They say it must have been such a hard decision .

But it was a hard decision .

This, too, was a hard decision because Gary Stevens merited prime consideration.

In old age Ramsey looked back and knew that this was the hardest decision of his life.

The officials who are retiring or were defeated had to make hard decisions after the flood.

The hard decisions need to be taken early.

But I didn't make any hard and fast decisions about giving up painting at all.


Yet very little is known in any detail about how these important decisions are made.

For those voters' sakes, important decisions like this one should be deferred.

It was at this point that Duregar made an important decision .

When managers entrust employees with important decisions , they signal their respect for those employees.

This is an important decision clarifying the extent of the powers available for use as and when appropriate.

His most important decision was to settle on a point of view for his work.

Equally important was its decision to combine support for the war effort and for the Government with the most vigorous campaigning politics.

These important decisions are made by the affective system.


But corruption is only a partial explanation of some of the key strategic decisions taken by the governments.

That means, as usual, the key decisions will be made in the September primary election.

This should involve making all key decisions and even moving into your office during your absence.

It is in such accidental and unplanned ways that key historical decisions are made.

It is there that key decisions are made.

He cited Liverpool's willingness to operate a 24-hour service as a key to the decision to switch to Merseyside.

The Cabinet, chaired by the prime minister, is the key decision making body within the government.


A major decision would have to be taken on whether to include financial reporting as well as auditing.

Interactive telecommunications increasingly give ordinary citizens immediate access to the major political decisions that affect their lives and property.

Control of all major decisions must be returned to the unions.

Earlier in chapter 2 we saw the major decisions that the students in the Foxfire program are expected to make.

Periods of this order should be allocated to the major problems and decisions , protected from disturbance.

Everyone is involved in major decisions affecting the plant.

These are not encouraging recommendations for expanding the role of public opinion in major decision making about affairs of state.


This was his most vulnerable political decision .

Difficult political decisions should not be left to the snap judgments and popular distemper of public opinion, Hamilton wrote.

In terms of funding, there's going to have to be some political decision as to how we allocate those resources.

I think it was a political decision in Moscow.

In addition, public transport is much more subject to direct government policy and to the influence of political decisions .

Once political decisions have been made, they become outputs of the political system.

The procedures whereby political decisions are made in the United States surely have much to answer for.

In lieu of a policy, most political decisions were dictated by military necessity.


It was a fine bright day and he felt sure he had made the right decision .

Now, in his senior year, Jeff feels staying was definitely the right decision .

No, not so he had taken the right decision .

It was pretty obvious he made the right decision .

The no difference thesis is about what happens if authorities reach the right decision .

Pete Wilson, who signed the helmet legislation, said earlier this year that he still believes he made the right decision .

Setting them free Adults have the right to make decisions for themselves.

Nina wondered for the hundredth time if she'd made the right decision giving up her place in Joe's home.


Tough decisions await the Government, not least over public spending. Tough decisions require a tough man at the top.

These were my unofficial board of directors, the people I could reach out to when I had tough decisions to make.

Is Gloucestershire County Council shirking tough education decisions , does it lack the courage of party convictions?

Tapping into that courage demands more than intellectual commitment and tough decision making.

It was a tough business decision but the right one.

Cowher, 34 at the time, was picked in a tough decision .

Deciding how much money each department will get calls for tough decisions .


It was not necessarily the wrong decision .

Secondly, central bankers, like other human beings, can take the wrong decisions .

All the wrong decisions of Preston's life had come from feeling vulnerable.

While training schoolchildren to deal with threatening situations, they found many were making the wrong decisions .



Indeed, for the majority of these propositions there is no authority in the sense of legislation or court decision .

Recent Supreme Court decisions have put limits on the use of affirmative action to assure diversity in student bodies.

This operates when a party is dissatisfied by any court decision , where first instance or on appeal.

Not according to a 1989 federal appeals court decision .

The meeting was adjourned to allow the government time to appeal against the Supreme Court decision .

That led to a 1994 state court decision rejecting the project because of inadequate environmental protections.

The Supreme Court decision , if it sticks, will be a severe setback to the commission's work.

Most work at uninspiring tasks, pore over old court decisions and statute books, and draft memos for their higher-ups.


A central decision making process involving Inspectors and civilian decision makers was established and developed ....

To make it the rule, we must change the incentives that drive decision makers .

Your chance to make up your own mind about what key decision makers are saying by listening to them in full.

The pressures on the decision makers might overwhelm their capacity to respond effectively.

The approach used is an interactive one where the decision maker plays a positive part in the solution process itself.

With such access, a manager can deal directly with a key decision maker or find out what is really happening.

We can add to this the uncertain environment in which decision makers operate.

In this view, decision makers lack the cognitive capacity and the comprehensive information that would enable them to calculate utilities rationally.


Discuss the reasons why accrual accounting methods are not appropriate to future decision making .

Cost effectiveness estimates should not be used in a mechanistic fashion; at best they provide a useful aid for decision making .

This is bad for decision making and bad for democracy.

S.U. was to be encouraged, eliminating chains of assessment and decision making which had lain within the purview of the superintendent.

For these reasons such costs and revenues are not taken into account in decision making .

The purpose of evaluation is to collect and analyse information that can be used for rational decision making .

Despite these criticisms, recent approaches to decision making have sought to pursue the rational approach.

This report offered a useful opportunity to discuss the extent to which the age factor might influence clinical decision making .


Tactical information Marketing mix item Type of research Product policy decision Qualitative research to generate ideas for new products.

However, no policy decisions have been taken regarding the pricing of conferences.

He raises the funds, participates in policy decisions and serves as cheerleader.

There was pressure from other member states to take foreign policy decisions by majority voting.

In fact, quite a few of its policy decisions have been unfortunate, and have got out of control.

Unlike Members of Parliament, all councillors are formally responsible for policy decisions through attendance at full council or committee meetings.

Most class analysts do not explain in detail how policy decisions are actually made.



The tribunal returns and the chairman announces their decision .

It is expected to announce its decision this afternoon.

The chant is certain to be sustained until the International Board announce their decision at their annual meeting in Auckland next April.

It was due to announce its decision by mid-1992, prior to its summer recess.

Osteen said he would not announce a decision for between five and 10 weeks.

Jean Monnet announced his decision not to seek re-election as President of the High Authority.

Evans said yesterday that he would announce a decision early next week.


Draw a circle on it based on your decision as to how far you are prepared to travel to work each day.

Hayes said he based his decision on several factors.

CompuServe spokesman William Giles said that the CompuServe officials based their decisions entirely on the names of the newsgroups.

He had based his whole decision on that assurance.


So they went to the High Court to challenge the decision and have been given leave to seek a judicial review.

Coaches would not challenge trivial decisions .

The representatives of several cities and states immediately announced their intention to challenge Mosbacher's decision in court.

Allstate has said regardless of whether the settlement is challenged , its decision to turn agents into independent contractors will remain intact.

Several unsuccessful companies announced that they were considering challenging the commission's decisions in court.

The local presbytery agreed, but 10 area churches challenged the decision .

Attempts by parents to challenge case conference decisions through the courts have not met with much success.


Spending chiefs decided to delay their decision until then, although they did discuss more council spending as well as less.

But what did matter was the effect of a delayed decision on his schedule.

Justices should be reminded that they must not delay their decision .

If Wieben Stock had believed otherwise, she could have delayed her decision until after the trial, attorneys pointed out.

Preparing full opinions on every appeal would significantly delay the decision of all appeals.

After all, the greatest disaster would be to delay the decision until we were too inert to do anything about it.

She laughed, partly amused at his fascination with the woman and partly relieved at being able to delay her decision .


I promise the hon. Gentleman that jobs will follow from those decisions .

It is only necessary to get the judges to consider the same information and follow the same decision rules.

The news follows a decision by the Merseyside coroner, Roy Barter, to release his body formally to the family.

He was my husband, and I knew I was supposed to follow his decisions .

The novels which followed this decision are the fulfilment of Hardy's career as a novelist.

The threatened public sector pay freeze follows Mr Major's decision to preserve capital spending projects to help Britain out of recession.

Clearly, following the decision in Howell v. Coupland, the seller was excused his obligation to deliver 275 tons.


Secondly, research looked at the relationship between these councillors and the local government officers employed to implement their decisions .

To motivate others to implement their decisions , they need strong leadership qualities.

He is not looking for people who can make decisions for him, but people through whom he can implement his decisions.

Modeled along Confucian lines, it consisted of six ministries that shaped policy, each paralleled by a department to implement decisions .

In this interpretation, information specialists were functionaries who merely implemented the decisions of top management.

When that happens they will tend to implement the decision without rancour or subversion.

A particular personality type is said to be favoured: those with good listening skills who will implement party decisions without question.

The burden of implementing papal decisions and the decisions of councils fell directly upon the bishops.


Two factors - besides Nilsson's growing illness - had influenced his decision to bring Ronnie back.

As the schedule stands now, the next test will not take place until November, too late to influence a decision .

This was confirmed in one of the survey questions, which identified 10 factors influencing decisions on where to place contracts.

There the political system has several characteristics that particularly facilitate the mobilization of small groups of people to influence decisions .

The gifts to the judge were one aspect of his knowledge of the case which would influence his decision .

What are the factors that will influence your decision ?

Fair procedures With that in mind, how can you influence your employer's decision on your fate?


But some recent research about the effects on crime of gun ownership ought to play a part in informing society's decisions .

This brochure empowers sufferers with knowledge to make informed decisions about their headache care.

Her courtiers have all been informed of this decision and have acted accordingly.

Remember the reason you gave me when you informed me of your decision ?

Their views should be sought regularly and systematically to inform decisions about what services should be provided.

They can not make informed decisions based on serious print information.

The research would inform planning and decision making over the use of legal aid in tribunals.

Everyone should have enough information to make an informed decision .


Very soon she would have to make the decision to leave.

It was almost like I made the decision unconsciously.

I don't know who it was made the decision , I was only a very junior Producer.

California Attorney General Dan Lungren also will make antitrust decisions in several weeks regarding both merger proposals, the regulators said.

I know of several other parents who have made the same decision .

He makes the key editorial decisions including when a story is aired, its length and position in the program.

If governors are to make good decisions on meeting special needs their approach must be equally systematic.

But I consider it my job to give a family the opportunity to make a decision .


The Court of Appeal overturned his decision .

If he decides not to do so, any Republican successor would overturn that decision .

The High Court has overturned decisions made by secretaries of state.

They are part of a campaign to overturn the county's decision to spray on private property if needed.

A federal judge had dismissed the action, and the appeals court overturned that decision .

The House of Lords overturned the decision .

Government lawyers had hoped to overturn a December 1999 decision by U.S.


Mr Norris said standards applied in reaching the decision were the same as those used for all other major transport infrastructure projects.

He has since given several different versions of how he reached the decision .

This at once enhances the contribution which the court or parents can make towards reaching the best possible decision in all the circumstances.

She wasn't going to be able to reach any sensible decision while she was anywhere near this house.

Then they appeared to reach a decision and walked back to the Land Rover.

People divorced, left each other - grown men and women who reached the decision to part.

The missed approach is commenced immediately on reaching decision height, if visual contact has not been made at this point.


The Court of Appeal reversed this decision , but it was held that instructions were relevant in deciding fitness for purpose.

The bill reversed this decision and returned the burden of proof concerning a business necessity to the employer.

After a lower court ruled the signatures were valid, the Arizona Court of Appeals unanimously reversed that decision in February 1996.

Two days before the hearing, she reversed her decision and asked for him back.

Nolan J. dismissed the claim but the Court of Appeal, by a majority, reversed his decision .

On appeal by the commissioner the judge reversed that decision .

They accordingly reversed the judge's decision to quash and restored the decisions of the appeal committee in both cases.


But of course managers manage; they take decisions and control factors of production.

Commercial journals, particularly the weeklies and monthlies, can take rapid decisions , and have a faster turn-round time.

The appeal ought to be dealt with by some one who was not directly involved in taking the original decision .

He took the decision soon after he had been elected Speaker in 1983.

General will should ensure the equality and liberty necessary for active citizenship -; taking collective decisions .

In doing so they would deny Mr Ashdown the opportunity to take his painful decision .

They should not be taking decisions about how money should be spent.

But if we do clear-mindedly and explicitly take decisions riot to have necessitating circumstances, do we call them effects at all?


arrive at a decision/solution/compromise etc

He arrived at a decision, threw the cigarette away, and turned towards a small depressing row of agricultural cottages.

He finally arrived at a compromise with her, which was that he could have three independent, non-civil servant, advisers.

However, the parties involved were prepared to have their heads hit together to arrive at a solution.

In such a case, some form of conflict resolution must be adopted to arrive at a solution.

My colleagues and I, after much consideration have arrived at a decision.

Now, she thought, now we shall get things done, sort things out, arrive at a solution.

They spent time arriving at a decision on the correct software.

Using committees internally to overcome restrictions on information and thereby arrive at a decision.

come to a decision/conclusion/agreement etc

Conclusion With so many unanswered questions, it is an unwise man who comes to a conclusion.

He has not yet come to a conclusion on that.

He paused at a street corner and tried to come to a decision.

In the restaurant he realized that he had come to a decision about things.

Léonie stared at the two shops and came to a decision.

She and o Pappous came to a decision.

The Post Office says it hopes the two sides can come to an agreement at a branch meeting this evening.

We had tea afterwards in a hotel in Berthing, but we failed to come to an agreement.

conscious effort/decision/attempt etc

Accepting our human limitations in these high-pressure times, though, takes conscious effort.

And each time the child has to make a new conscious effort like that, there is an opportunity to lose concentration.

I made a conscious decision to do more than persevere in the remaining years I have with my voice.

In both examples, a conscious attempt has been made-to segment the market. 11.

It's a conscious decision and I think it's important that men understand a woman who is offering an alternative lifestyle.

Just lately I have made a conscious effort to really look at the book.

Other subjects - like calculus or computing - can not be learned without some conscious effort.

What varies, and varies dramatically, is the conscious effort with which they are identified and undertaken.

decision maker/policy maker/peacemaker etc

decision making/policy making

hand down a decision/ruling/sentence etc

Just a few months earlier, the Supreme Court had handed down a decision inviting states to pass abortion restrictions.

She is expected soon to hand down a ruling.

The commission will seek to arbitrate a resolution before handing down a decision in late summer.

informed decision/choice/judgment etc

And now supermarkets throughout the country are helping the shopper to make more informed choices.

As with a question of fact, the more informed judgement could be the mistaken one.

Information is vital Good information is essential if people are to make informed choices about services.

Micky Burns from the players' union advises and assists on the options to help them make informed choices about their futures.

The view is that a consent is not valid unless the patient has enough information to make an informed choice.

They provide young people with career exploration and counseling so they can make more informed decisions about their academic and occupational goals.

This brochure empowers sufferers with knowledge to make informed decisions about their headache care.

Who, we also want students to make well, informed decisions and that there are particular places like the 0.

majority vote/decision/verdict etc

And I suppose the way to change the damned constitution is with a majority vote.

It took the jury almost five hours to reach a majority verdict and acquit her on all three charges.

Stopping the White House from selling weapons to a foreign country requires a majority vote in both houses of Congress.

Supposing Yorkshire or Cornwall decided by a majority vote to secede from Britain and elect their own government.

The majority decision said the cabinet must now report to the legislature on its plan to scrap the plant.

The reason for this is that government output is determined on the basis of a simple majority vote model.

Then there is the problem of qualified majority voting on foreign policy issues.

With a pure majority vote, this would presumably be enacted.

overturn a decision/verdict etc

The High Court has overturned decisions made by secretaries of state.

snap judgment/decision

As I begin to uncover a whole new world myself, I see the folly of that snap judgment.

Consultation and investigation Having your say Employers should avoid making snap decisions in cases of sickness absence.

I just made a snap decision that this was where I wanted to be.

I will not make a snap decision, Lieutenant.

If the failure occurs higher on the launch, again a snap decision can be fatal.

Maxim was about to explain when the lieutenant obviously came to a snap judgment on his military value and slammed out again.

So his leave-taking is no snap decision.


As chief executive, I often have to take difficult decisions.

It's a big decision . Go home and discuss it with your wife.

My decision to leave school when I was only 15 was the worst mistake I ever made.

The board is expected to make a decision on the merger by August.

The burden of decision rests with the Supreme Court.

The judges' decision is final.

They're going to close the school, but I think that's the wrong decision .

This job requires the ability to act with speed and decision .


But I consider it my job to give a family the opportunity to make a decision .

If persons beyond the subject of the decision are included, then specificity becomes impossible.

If so, an immense difference would arise in decisions on right and wrong between Bentham and Mill.

Indeed, the real test will come this spring, in a series of key decisions by the Texas Public Utility Commission.

Just make the best decision you possibly can in the light of the information contained in Chapter 4.

Leicester Building Society has said it is considering options but has made no decision .

Neither does it inform complex and stressful child care decisions.

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