Meaning of FILL in English


(~s, ~ing, ~ed)

Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.


If you ~ a container or area, or if it ~s, an amount of something enters it that is enough to make it full.

Fill a saucepan with water and bring to a slow boil...

She made sandwiches, ~ed a flask and put sugar in...

The boy’s eyes ~ed with tears...

While the bath was ~ing, he padded about in his underpants.

? empty

VERB: V n with n, V n, V with n, V

Fill up means the same as ~ .

Pass me your cup, Amy, and I’ll ~ it up for you...

Warehouses at the frontier between the two countries ~ up with sacks of rice and flour.

PHRASAL VERB: V n P, V P with n, also V P, V P n (not pron)


If something ~s a space, it is so big, or there are such large quantities of it, that there is very little room left.

He cast his eyes at the rows of cabinets that ~ed the enormous work area...

The text ~s 231 pages.

VERB: V n, V n

Fill up means the same as ~ .

...the complicated machines that ~ up today’s laboratories.

PHRASAL VERB: V P n (not pron), also V n P


...four museum buildings ~ed with historical objects.

ADJ: v-link ADJ with n


...the flower-~ed courtyard of an old Spanish colonial house.



If you ~ a crack or hole, you put a substance into it in order to make the surface smooth again.

Fill small holes with wood ~er in a matching colour...

The gravedigger ~ed the grave.

VERB: V n with n, V n

Fill in means the same as ~ .

If any cracks have appeared in the tart case, ~ these in with raw pastry.

PHRASAL VERB: V n P, also V P n (not pron)


If a sound, smell, or light ~s a space, or the air, it is very strong or noticeable.

In the parking lot of the school, the siren ~ed the air...

All the light bars were turned on which ~ed the room with these rotating beams of light...

VERB: V n, V n with n


...those whose work forces them to be in dusty or smoke-~ed environments.



If something ~s you with an emotion, or if an emotion ~s you, you experience this emotion strongly.

I admired my father, and his work ~ed me with awe and curiosity...

He looked at me without speaking, and for the first time I could see the pride that ~ed him...

VERB: V n with n, V n


If you ~ a period of time with a particular activity, you spend the time in this way.

If she wants a routine to ~ her day, let her do community work.

VERB: V n, also V n with n

Fill up means the same as ~ .

On Thursday night she went to her yoga class, glad to have something to ~ up the evening.

PHRASAL VERB: V P n (not pron), also V n P


If something ~s a need or a gap, it puts an end to this need or gap by existing or being active.

She brought him a sense of fun, of gaiety that ~ed a gap in his life.



If something ~s a role, position, or function, they have that role or position, or perform that function, often successfully.

Dena was ~ing the role of diplomat’s wife with the skill she had learned over the years.

= perform



If a company or organization ~s a job vacancy, they choose someone to do the job. If someone ~s a job vacancy, they accept a job that they have been offered.

One problem not mentioned is the unemployed may not have the skills to ~ the vacancies on offer...

A vacancy has arisen which I intend to ~.

VERB: V n, V n


When a dentist ~s someone’s tooth, he or she puts a ~ing in it.

It is almost impossible to find a dentist who will ~ a tooth on the National Health.



If you ~ an order or a prescription, you provide the things that are asked for. (mainly AM)

A pharmacist can ~ any prescription if, in his or her judgment, the prescription is valid.



to ~ the bill: see bill

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