Meaning of FILL in English


v. 1 crowd, stuff, cram, jam, load, burden, pack, squeeze A huge number of people filled the stadium 2 top (off), top up, fill up, make full; inflate, swell, stretch, blow up, distend, expand Pour in just enough to fill the bottle See if you can fill the balloon. Wind filled the sails. 3 Sometimes, fill up. supply, provide, furnish Irena has filled her house with paintings 4 meet, satisfy, fulfil, answer Will a dozen fill your needs for a while? 5 satisfy, satiate, bloat, sate, gorge, stuff; stock The guests filled themselves with choice foods at the reception 6 abound in, overflow, be abundant or plentiful in Trout filled the lake 7 close, stop (up), block, stuff, plug, caulk, seal The dentist had to fill two cavities 8 occupy, take over, discharge, carry out, do, execute Can you fill her job while she's away? 9 fill in or US and Canadian also out a make out, complete, answer Please fill in this application b take the place, stand in, substitute Could you fill in during my secretary's absence? c inform, tell, advise, let in on, notify, bring up to date, share, let in on Don will fill you in on the details later 10 fill out. a swell, expand, grow, distend, stretch; fatten, increase The sails filled out in the freshening breeze b US fill in. See 9(a).

n. 11 one's fill. plenty, enough; surfeit, sufficiency We ate our fill and left

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